Carlsen-Nepo 2: Magnus blunders but survives

Magnus Carlsen unleashed what Anish Giri described as "very cool prep" against Ian Nepomniachtchi in Game 2 of the FIDE World Chess Championship match, but just when he looked to have real winning chances, he slipped. Ian Nepomniachtchi was suddenly in his element, playing fast, dangerous moves as Magnus was balancing on the brink of a 5th classical loss to Nepo. There was another twist, however, as Magnus stabilised and was the only one playing for a win before reaching a 58-move draw.

Replay the game (check out computer analysis on our broadcast page):

Replay the day’s live commentary from Judit Polgar and Anish Giri…

…and from David Howell, Kaja Snare and Jovanka Houska.

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