How we make the Tour

A peek behind the scenes of the best TV show in chess!

The cameras have stopped rolling on the 2021 Tour, so we thought we'd take you on a virtual tour to show exactly what happens at our amazing TV studio turned tournament venue in Oslo. Flick through these pix and you should see some familiar faces! And if you want more, we’ve also put together a collection of snaps from our grand Opening Ceremony over on our link Partner page.

Kaya in make-up before the show starts. You've got to look good under all those bright lights!

Three-time British champ David Howell needs make-up too.

Fine-tuning and the last few checks before the broadcast starts.

Refreshments being prepared. There is a long night of chess ahead.

And here is the playing hall. All is quiet before the action starts.

Forewarned is forearmed. Jovanka Houska with her notes before the start of play.

The team take their seats. The cameras are ready to roll.

The view from in front of the camera. Guests in the studio being given a tour.

Anish Giri is in the house! Arriving before battle begins.

Norway's number 2 Aryan Tari is in to advise.

And here he is! It's another day at the coal face for the star of the show Magnus Carlsen.

Play starts! Giri and Carlsen knuckle down for another day of Tour action.

Giri, the Dutch number 1, focusing on his game.

David, Jovanka and Kaya commentating on the action.

It's not going well for Jan-Krzysztof Duda.

Kaya anchoring the show as the day draws to an end.

Tour Director Arne Horvei is the mastermind behind what goes on. He's always there in the studio.

Carlsen leaves the arena after another day of stunning chess.

And that's a wrap! Giri's post-match interview with our roving reporter Rune and the day is finished.