Leinier Dominguez



Sep 23, 1983

World Rank #14

Fide Rating


Peak Rating


'02 '03 '06 '12 '16 Cuban Chess Championship winner

Dominguez is Latin America’s top player and a 4-time Champion of Cuba, a country that has held chess players in high regard since Jose Raul Capablanca reigned supreme as World Champion in the interwar years of the 20th century. In 2008 he became World Blitz Champion, with Alexander Grischuk remarking that Dominguez moves faster in over-the-board chess than any player he’s ever seen.

In classical chess Dominguez’ career has perhaps been characterised more by consistency than spectacular results, although his victory in the 2006 Magistral Ciutat de Barcelona-Casino stands out – he finished on 8/9 a full 1.5 points ahead of Vassily Ivanchuk. He also tied for first in Biel 2008 ahead of Magnus Carlsen and Etienne Bacrot, while five years later in 2013 he hit the chess headlines again by taking clear first at the Thessaloniki Grand Prix and breaking into the World Top 15.