Logic-based puzzle game Chessarama becomes official Tour partner


Play Magnus Group, creator of the world’s top online chess tournament, is pleased to announce an exciting new move into the puzzle game market with Chessarama.

Chessarama is a collection of original chess-inspired turn-based games with their own rules, dioramas and designs created by Minimol Games.

It will be launched in 2023 on Steam and other platforms to be announced soon. Players will be able to enjoy a world of premium minimalist games, solve hundreds of original puzzles, unlock collectibles and compete against each other by climbing the leaderboards.

The reimagined chess game scenarios include cultivating a farmyard, fighting a dragon and training to be legendary Ronin in feudal Japan.


As part of the partnership, Chessarama will become an official sponsor of Play Magnus Group’s flagship Champions Chess Tour for the remaining event in the 2022 season and the duration of the 2023 season.

Chessarama will also sponsor chess24’s coverage of the FIDE World Championship cycle.

Play Magnus Group and Chessarama will work together to make chess accessible and attractive to a wider audience. The aim is fully in line with the wider objectives of the Play Magnus Group.

Sebastian Kuhnert, Chief Business Development Officer at Play Magnus Group, said: “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership between the world’s biggest online chess tour, the Champions Chess Tour, and Chessarama, an exciting new puzzle game that everyone can enjoy.

“Chessarama gives chess fans and puzzle game fans in general the opportunity to test their wits in a new world of turn-based games. It is smart, and it is fun and will open up chess to even more people. We can’t wait to show people Chessarama and look forward to its launch in 2023.”

CEO and Creative Director at Minimol Games Raphael Dias said: “We are immensely happy with this partnership between Chessarama and Play Magnus Group. We are fully aligned in the mission of making Chess more accessible and attractive for an even bigger audience, and Chessarama will be a solid new step in that direction.”

“Chessarama aims to give players a modern gameplay experience, using inspirations from Chess tactics, strategies and culture to create original puzzle and turn-based games, all in one package. The Champions Chess Tour – the world’s most innovative sport event to emerge in the last few years, is definitely the best partner to present our game to the world.”

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