Learn chess basics


The basics of chess

This holiday season, get a head start on your goals for the new year with this introductory chess course. Learn the basics and begin your journey to chess mastery!

1. Know the board

1 minute

Get to know the board. An introduction to the 64 squares on the chess board.

2. Know your pieces

2 minutes

Do you know the pieces and how they move? Learn about the movement of each of the pieces.

3. En Passant

1 minute

A special move! In certain situations the pawn can capture your opponent’s pawns in a unique way.

4. Promotion

1 minute

If your pawn reaches all the way to the opposite edge of the board, you have the chance to promote it.

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5. Check

1 minute

Learn about checks and what you should do when your king is in check.

6. Checkmate

1 minute

What happens when the king is attacked and has no way out?

Now that you know a few basics

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7. Castling

2 minutes

Another special move! Keep these rules in mind before you castle.

8. Draw

2 minutes

Sometimes a game ends without a winner or loser. How?

9. Basic Checkmates

2 minutes

Now you know all the basic terms and rules. Onto some tactics: elementary checkmates!

10. Tactics / Double attack

1 minute

Now onto one of the most famous tactics in chess, the double attack.

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11. Openings

2 minutes

The first phase of a chess game is very important. Here are some simple ideas for the opening.

12. Basic endgames

2 minutes

The endgame is critical for deciding the outcome of the match. Keep in mind these principles when you reach the final stages of the game.

Congratulations! You have made it and know the basics of chess. What's next?

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