Crypto Cup

May 23rd - 31st / 17:00 CEST
₿ 2.1825
As of 19:00 CEST

9 days of chess. 16 top players. $220k prize fund and an additional $100k in $Bitcoin.

Day 9 of 9





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Highlights of the FINAL | FTX Crypto Cup | MCCT 2021

May 31st

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Magnus Carlsen is Surprised When Radjabov Plays b6-e6-d6 in the Opening to Win the Last Game

May 30th

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Highlights of the FINALS DAY 1 | FTX Crypto Cup | MCCT 2021

May 30th

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Magnus Carlsen Eliminates Teimour Radjabov and They Both React After Carlsen's Final Bishop Move

May 29th

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Highlights of the Semifinals Day 2 | FTX Crypto Cup | MCCT 2021

May 29th


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Who is playing?


New to the Tour? Welcome. Here's how it works!

The FTX Crypto Cup is a 9-day tournament part of a bigger set of tournaments called the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. 

The first 3 days are prelims in which each player plays round-robin style against the other players.

The top 8 advance to the finals, which consist of two days of quarterfinals, two days of semifinals and then two days of finals. 

The prize fund is a record $320,000: 

$220,000 USD in cash distributed amongst the players, and an additional Bitcoin prize fund of $100,000. 

At 14:30 CEST on May 17th this figure is set at 2.1825 Bitcoin.

You can watch the FTX Crypto Cup on 

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • this website
  • on linear TV

The finals will be shown on Eurosport. 

You can also check this site for daily reports on the tournament and standings in our news section.

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