David’s FIDE World Championship Play of the Day: Game 7

David Howell's Play of the Day: Game 7

A quiet draw was just the FIDE World Championship needed after the previous game’s drama – and Game 7 was exactly that.

Ian Nepomniachtchi steadied the ship with a 41-move draw today against Magnus Carlsen having gone down in a 136-move epic on Friday.

But there were still instructive moments. Picking over this draw, Meltwater Champions Chess Tour commentator David Howell chose his Play of the Day:

I couldn't really sleep yesterday — I was way too excited! But all the way today I was thinking, I’m tired, but it’s probably a lot worse for him.

Carlsen still leads 4-3 going into the second half of the championship match in Dubai and has the White pieces next.

Play will resume with Game 8 on Sunday with commentary from David and the Tour team broadcast live on chess24.

For more on the day’s events read the match report here.

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