David’s FIDE World Championship Play of the Day: Game 3

David Howell's Play of the Day: Game 3

It was a game full of excitement and even intrigue – but for the third time in a row nothing could separate Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

The pair now head into a rest day on Monday hoping to come back and force a breakthrough after another tight, but fascinating, draw.

Commentating on every move from day three of the €2 million match from the regular Tour studio in Oslo was Grandmaster David Howell.

Here, in the latest in a series of video analysis segments brought to you by the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, David picked out his Play of the Day.

Today’s opening followed the same Ruy Lopez Anti-Marshall path as Game 1 until move 8 but the critical segment of the game arose as the players hit move 20.

Carlsen, playing with black, had a narrow road to full equality, but he neutralized any dangers efficiently and the draw was inevitable.

The game ended on 41 moves – one move after the players are allowed to agree a conclusion – and was the 17 draw in a row in a World Championship match.

Carlsen said afterward: “With each draw you get a bit more tense, but so far it’s three games, and personally as I’ve been Black in two of them I’m fairly satisfied.”

The match score stands at 1.5-1.5 and play will resume with Game 4 on Tuesday with commentary from David and the Tour team broadcast live on chess24.

For more on the day’s events read the match report here.

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