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The Triangle Slav


Hi, I am International Master Sopiko Guramishvili from Georgia. This ebook will be dedicated to the Triangle Slav which is tricky, very easy to understand and full of chances for counterplay. I will give you a complete repertoire which will enable you to play this promising opening with the black pieces. I hope you enjoy it!

1. d4 d5

1... f5 2. c4 e6 3. g3!

2. c4 e6

2... c6 gives White the extra option of cxd5, leading to an Exchange Slav and I see no benefits of this move order.

3. ♘f3

3. ♘c3 c6 4. e4 leads to the Marshall Gambit (after 4. e3 we go for a Stonewall with Nc3 )

3... c6 the idea is to postpone the development of the g8-knight. This can be used by capturing the c4 pawn and trying to hang on to it. If White goes e3 (after Nf3 or Nc3), Black will use the fact that he postponed the development of g8-knight by going f5, leading to a favourable version of the Stonewall structure.

4. ♘c3

4. e3 leads to a Stonewall without Nc3

4. ♕c2 and the following moves constitute the sidelines after 3.Nf3

4. ♘bd2

4. g3

4. b3

4. ♗g5

4... dxc4 leads to the Noteboom

This eBook is a reference companion to the video series, available for €9.99 (or $10.99). If you want to see and hear Sopiko provide detailed instruction on this opening, you can purchase the series, which will also give you access to the full eBook.

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Kjøpe for US$ 9.99Skaff deg Premium
Kjøpe for US$ 9.99Skaff deg Premium

The Triangle Slav IM Sopiko Guramishvili

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International Master Sopiko Guramishvili introduces "The Triangle" - Black puts pawns on c6, d5 and e6 against 1.d4 - which she describes as "tricky, very easy to understand and full of chances for counterplay".


To give you the tools and confidence you need to play one of Black's most trustworthy responses to 1.d4, whatever White throws at you!

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  • Introduction

    Raskt og gratis
  • Marshall Gambit 8.Ne2

  • Marshall Gambit 8.Be2

    • 9. Bd6
    • 9.Ba5
    • 9.Bc3 and 9.Bf8
  • Noteboom variation

  • Triangle 3.Nf3 c6 4.e3

  • Triangle 3.Nc3 c6 4.e3

  • Triange 3.Nf3 White sidelines

    • 4.Qc2 and rare continuations
    • 4.g3
    • 4.b3
  • Exercises


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