Open Files

Timing the opening of a file!

Choosing where to open the position?

1. fxe4!

1. axb6 An inaccurate decision; Black can fully fight after this move order. 1... axb6 2. fxe4 fxe4 3. ♖xa8 ( 3. ♖xf8? ♖xa1+ 4. ♖f1 ♖a2 Black is even somewhat better.) 3... ♖xa8 Black has conquered the open file.

1... fxe4 2. ♖xf8! Only in this way will White enter the position.

2... ♖xf8 3. axb6 axb6 4. ♖a7 ♖d8 5. ♖b7±


Defending against an open file

1. ♖xe7 The rook won't be doing much after the e-file is blocked.

1... ♖xe7 2. ♗d5+ c6 3. ♗e4 Now we see the real reason why Black wanted to exchange the rooks. He can activate his rook via the h-file while White's rook remains passive.


Conquer the open file: Yes or No?

18. ♖c7

18. ♗xf6 ♘xf6 19. ♘e5 ♕a4 20. ♘c6 ♔h8 21. ♖c4 ♕a6 22. ♖fc1 with great pressure for White.

18... ♖ac8! 19. ♖fc1

A difficult and a good desicion was to agree with mistake on the previous move: 19. ♖cc1!

19. ♗g3 ♖xc7 20. ♗xc7 ♖c8 21. ♖c1

19... ♘c5! 20. dxc5

20. ♖7xc5 bxc5 21. ♗xf6 cxd4!−+

20... ♖xc7 21. ♗xf6 gxf6 22. c6 ♖fc8 23. ♕d6

23. ♘d4 ♕g5 ( 23... ♖d8 24. ♕e3 ♕g5 25. f4 ♕a5−+ ) 24. ♖c4 ♖d8−+

23... ♕b5 24. ♕g3+ ♔h7 25. ♘d4 ♕g5 26. ♕c3 e5 27. ♘f3 ♕f4



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