Reportajes y Noticias 11/04/2014 | 11:00por Tromso Olympiad 2014

KPMG becomes main partner for Chess Olympiad

KPMG and the Chess Olympiad Tromsø 2014 today have the pleasure of announcing that KPMG has become one of the main partners of the Chess Olympiad to take place in Tromsø in the first half of August.

Børge Robertsen, Managing Director of Tromsø Chess Olympiad 2014, commented on the move:

We are extremely satisfied to be able to enter into a broad collaboration with a national player such as KPMG. KPMG shares many of the values that the Chess Olympiad represents and consequently fits very well as one of our main partners. We are pleased that KPMG wishes to help us create chess fever in Norway in the lead-up to the actual Chess Olympiad. This agreement brings great joy to both parties.

That was backed up by Stein-Ragnar Nordeng, CEO of KPMG:

Chess is a sport that focuses on characteristics such as strategic thinking, future focus and the ability to see solutions to complex problems. These are characteristics that fit well with KPMG’s business and as a result we believe it’s extremely nice to be one of the main partners of the Chess Olympiad and the largest sporting event in Norway in 2014.

Students and businesses can play their way to the Chess Olympiad

In the lead-up to the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, KPMG will, in cooperation with the Norwegian Chess Federation, organise a nationwide chess tournament for amateurs – the KPMG Chess Competition 2014. Students and companies in various towns and cities throughout the country will be able to challenge each other. The winners from campuses and corporate tournaments will meet in the grand final of the KPMG Chess Competition, which will be held in Tromsø in August during the Chess Olympiad.

As Guro Steine, Director of Communications at KPMG, explained:

Chess involves young people and adults alike and we look forward to offering an informal chess competition for everyone who only plays chess on a hobby basis, with the winners invited to Tromsø to experience the Chess Olympiad. We want to help create chess fever throughout the country in the months leading up to the Chess Olympiad.

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