Reportajes y Noticias 15/08/2014 | 17:38por Tromso Olympiad 2014

A clear success

Isbre bottles have been extremely visible during the Tromsø Olympiad | photo: Paul Truong

'Isbre' - which means glacier - was the official sponsor and supplier of bottled water to the Chess Olympiad. The drink was such a hit with the players that they had to double their delivery - from 25,000 to 50,000 bottles.

According to regulations, players must have access to both still and sparkling bottled water. Mack brewery - whose former warehouse became the Olympiad playing hall - supplied sparkling Arctic Water, while Isbre took care of still. An extra consignment had to be sent when the still proved to be such a popular choice.

Olympiad volunteers restocking the popular water | photo: Paul Truong

In Tromsø to see the Olympiad: Isbre Water General Manager Jarand Rønjom and Gintarè Adomavicienè, Head of Isbre's European sales division | photo: Astri Edvardsen

The source of the water lies in the Hardanger fjord, and can boast of being the purest ever tested - and has been trademarked in the USA and EU as 'The world's best drinking water'.

A side effect of Isbre's popularity has been its high visibility around the 650 boards at the Tromsø Olympiad. 

The Tromsø Chess Olympiad needed a total of 50,000 bottles of Isbre Water | photo: Paul Truong

This has been noticed internationally, something which has delighted Jarand Rønjom, General Manager of Isbre Water.

We've had great reactions from clients that have been following the Chess Olympiad. And we've been contacted by others in Korea, Spain and Denmark, who have noticed our product and given us a thumbs up.

It is important for us to reach out to international markets with our good, Norwegian product - and being part of the Chess Olympiad has been a big success! The organization of the Olympiad has been very professional and we are very satisfied with our cooperation.

This has been a chess summer for Isbre - just before the start of the Olympiad it became known that they had entered into an agreement with the Norwegian Chess Federation (NSF). This will mean that Isbre will be the exclusive water of choice for NSF representatives in tournaments at home and abroad, and that Isbre will be available for all players and spectators during the all the events that will make up the 'Isbre Norwegian Grand Prix 2014-14'.

Geir Nesheim, secretary-general of the NSF, is pleased with the federation's new agreement with Isbre

Geir Nesheim, secretary general of the NSF, commented:

Isbre has been a partner of the Chess Olympiad Tromsø 2014 and now the NSF has a deal with them. Our chess players - who represent us on teams, and all others - can enjoy drinking Isbre Water at future tournaments. We look forward to a long partnership.

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