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My White Repertoire vs. the Sicilian: Part 1 - The Rossolimo


Robin van Kampen, Gibraltar 2015

Hi, and welcome to my third project for chess24. For those of you familiar with my first series on the King's Indian Defence, you have my favourite repertoire for Black against 1.d4. In the second project I covered my favourite opening against 1.e4. The Taimanov (also known as the Paulsen). In this eBook I'll try to cover my third project for chess24 - a complete repertoire against the Sicilian for White. In this first instalment we'll look at the Rossolimo - 1.e4 c5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.♗b5. We'll examine all principal lines Black can play, and offer you recommendations against each one, as well as give you a general feeling of how to play this opening and handle the common structures that arise.

In this first part we'll be looking at the Rossolimo which is mostly aimed against Sveshnikov players and other players starting with ♘c6. I'm going to cover lines for White when Black doesn't play 2...♘c6 in upcoming parts of this eBook. We'll be looking at lines against:

  • 2...d6 with 3.♗b5+
  • 2...e6 and even a repertoire against sidelines such as
  • 2...a6 and 2...♘f6

3. ♗b5 This is the Rossolimo and I'll be covering most of the important lines, e.g.:

3... g6

3... e6

3... d6 I'm also going to look at some sidelines e.g.

3... ♘a5

3... e5 and the move

3... ♘f6


After studying this eBook you should feel right at home in the positions arising from the Rossolimo Sicilian, knowing both specific moves and the key plans that both sides are trying to implement. Enjoy!

This eBook is a reference companion to the video series, available for €9.99 (or $10.99). If you want to see and hear Robin provide detailed instruction on this opening, you can purchase the series, which will also give you access to the full eBook.

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Comprar por 9,99 US$Conviértete en Usuario Premium
Comprar por 9,99 US$Conviértete en Usuario Premium

My White Repertoire vs. the Sicilian: Part 1 - The Rossolimo GM Robin van Kampen

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GM Robin van Kampen presents a complete repertoire against the Sicilian for White. This first part deals with the Rossolimo, and examines all the principal lines you'll face, with recommendations against each one. He will also give you a general sense of how to play the opening by looking at the common structures that arise.


Gain a complete Grandmaster quality repertoire against the Sicilian.

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  • Introduction

  • 4.Bxc6 dxc6 with an early e5

  • 4.Bxc6 dxc6 with b6

  • 4.Bxc6 dxc6 Main Line

    • Intro to the Main Line
    • 7...Nd7
    • 7...O-O
  • 4.Bxc6 bxc6

  • 3...Nf6

  • 3...e6

  • 3... Rare third moves for Black

    • 3...e5
    • 3...♘d4
    • 3...♘a5
    • 3...a6
  • 2...d6


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