Entwickler Changelog Oktober/November/Dezember 2018

Mit leichter Verspätung folgend der Entwickler Changelog der vergangenen Monate, aber seht selbst:


Live broadcasting

•                    Landing Page for the World Chess Championship 2018

•                    Fallback solution for ensuring broadcast stability while high traffic event.

•                    Improved search for tournaments and commentators.

•                    Importing games from Live Chess Cloud v2.

•                    Flags for Georgian, Antigua and Barbuda.

Video Series

•                    Fix for freezed videos when scrolling backwards.


•                    Improved after game learning recommendations.

•                    Improvements for Anti Cheat detection.

Analysis & Database

•                    Chess database updated for using chess960 compatible positions.

•                    Recreated opening tree database.

•                    Fix for opening tree and analysis.

•                    Fix for saved analysis sessions.


•                    Fix for castling in iOS app.

•                    Fix for Opening Tree in Android app.


•                    Integration of another video loading ability.

•                    Special domain name for loading ads.

•                    More support in operating the ad server.

•                    Updated reseller list.


•                    Page wide fix for castling rights.

•                    Improved system security.

•                    Fix for email settings.

•                    Fix for school courses.

•                    Fix for voucher codes related to special products.

•                    Fix for password reset when email notifications are disabled.

•                    Fix for PGN upload (with castling).

•                    Tracking features.

•                    Improved data settings dialog.


Live broadcasting

•                    Theatre mode in broadcast section.

•                    Video archive for the World Chess Championship 2018.

•                    Downtime prevention for events with high traffic.

•                    Many updates for the World Chess Championship landing page.

•                    Studio setup for the World Chess Championship 2018.

•                    Support for broadcasting more concurrent tournaments.

•                    Auto-suggestions for managing live tournaments.

Video Series

•                    Fix video navigation by using the notation view.

•                    Filter links for (author and language).


•                    Improved anti cheat system.

Tactics Trainer

•                    Improved performance.

Analysis & Database

•                    Fix for updating the chess database.


•                    Mobile friendly page for World Chess Championship 2018.


•                    Disabling of some malicious advertising.

•                    New header bidding process.

•                    Updated resellers.

•                    Ad blocker defence.


•                    System upscaling for high traffic events.

•                    Links for live show filters (author and language).

•                    Improved data storage.

•                    Fix for copy data in clipboard.

•                    Fix for coupon codes.

•                    Product export.


Live broadcasting

•                    Fix links to tournaments in search results.

•                    Fix for Live Chess Viewer when used for events with many rounds.


•                    Evaluation of improvements.

•                    Fix for recommendation system.

Analysis & Database

•                    Stockfish upgrade v10 for web services.


•                    Fix for system emails.

•                    Improved layout for live shows.

•                    Updated error pages.

•                    Handling payments for cancelled subscriptions.

•                    Up & downscaling for special events.

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