Aborted games and other points of criticism

I have also published a story on this topic in the German forum, but I think that there is more of a reaction to it here. 

After most of the top players have unfortunately left chess24, it takes longer and longer, especially for users with 2500+, to get an opponent in the playzone - even on Saturday evenings you now have to wait up to 15 minutes (I'm not the only one who has had this experience), which is just utterly disturbing. If you finally have an opponent, it often happens that they abort the game and you have to wait again. Actually, everyone should be able to use the skill level range when looking for an opponent if they only want to have opponents from a certain level (I assume that this is the reason in most cases - some also don't want to have Black, which I find ridicolous, because as a chess player you have to be able to deal with both colours). Of course it can happen that you start an opponent search and then unexpectedly can't play after all - but not that often. 

I would be very much in favour of a regulation like the one on lichess, namely that players who abort too often get at least temporarily banned. This silly custom is really starting to spoil any fun here. 

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