Chess lessons for FREE!!

Chess lessons for FREE!!

Hello chess lovers, I am a 2000 player in this page and a 1831 rated player by the FIDE and here I am offering free chess coaching, for me chess is all I want to do in my life, and I will be happy to teach you and give you my experience on this amazing game, all the lessons will be given via Skype.

If you are not sure just give it a shot, I believe that you can learn something from any player, even when I play against lower rated players I always learn something, doesn't matter how weird are his openings or if he blunder a piece there is always something there to learn from anyone.

I usually go to tournaments on weekends so I wont be able to teach you those days, but I can from Monday to Thursday, if you are interested just message me the hour but remember that my time (Colombia) may be different from yours so if you live in Australia for example it can happen that your 1 pm its my 1 am

If you took the lesson please do me a favor and comment here and tell someone that is maybe insterested in taking a lesson with me, if you like it if you dislike it, doesn't matter, it can also help me improve. If you enjoy the lesson a lot and want more you can hire me as your coach and have lessons at a comfortable couch in your home in a time that is good for you , last year after only 4 years and only 5 or 6 tournaments played I was able to reach the Candidate Master tittle, I did that because my method of training is really powerful and you can have it now, just give it a shot 

Remember that if you don't speak English I also speak Spanish but I am going to write this again in Spanish so no worries.

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