Gravity Chess

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This unique game can only be found on and is a perfect gift from any chess player looking to get friends and family into strategy board games! They'll have fun as they welcome Sir Isaac Newton to a modified game of chess, with 3 unique ways to win.
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Quick rules

In Gravity Chess each player has 16 pieces: 4 pawns, 4 rooks, 4 bishops, 3 queens and 1 king. They move as they do in normal chess, and you can win a game by capturing your opponent's king, but there are two more ways to win. The game ends if your king gets to the centre line and your opponent can't attack it and - and here gravity takes over - if you get enough pieces on your opponent's side of the board so that he or she can no longer keep the board balanced.

How to play?

"The thing that impressed me was that applying abstract ideas of how to play normal chess can also help lead to a win in this type of chess (which has at first sight nothing in common with chess). Another cool thing is the amount of possibilities, so you could spend a long time exploring the game and probably even develop 'theory' as to which moves are good." - Lyubka Genova - Woman Intl. Master


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