Iran launches bizarre defence of its Israeli sports boycott ahead of key FIDE vote
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Iran launches bizarre defence of its Israeli sports boycott ahead of key FIDE vote

Chess chiefs in Iran have denied all knowledge of the Islamic republic’s boycott of Israel ahead of a key vote that could see its players banned from international competition.

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    Chess, by reputation, is a game of war played out in the mind. But at the forefront of one chess grandmaster's thoughts right now is a very real war. Levon Aronian, one of Armenia’s top sports stars, has revealed he is ready to figh...

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    Grischuk ready to play in a "garage, basement, zoo or station"

    Alexander Grischuk says he's willing to play the Candidates Tournament "in a garage, basement, zoo or train station" but doubts whether the event can be completed at all, pointing out that the World Chess Federation FIDE is trying ...

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    Do the math! John Urschel on how #ImpactChess adds up

    Saying John Urschel has an unusual combination of talents would be a massive understatement. What else is there left to achieve for the chess-playing former NFL linesman turned mathematician?

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    Tani Adewumi on Magnus Carlsen, #ImpactChess and... Curly-Wurly candy

    Chess changes lives - and none more so than nine-year-old Tanitoluwa Adewumi. Tani, who readers may remember hit the headlines last year, is a shining example of how our game is capable of transforming fortunes in every sense. His c...

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    Daniil Dubov on Carlsen, Kasparov & much more

    24-year-old Russian Grandmaster Daniil Dubov has been on fire since chess moved online. He beat Sergey Karjakin, Ding Liren and Hikaru Nakamura in knockout matches to win the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge, and has beaten Magnus ...

  • Interviews Jul 6, 2020 | 1:21 PM 8

    Ennio Morricone: “If not a composer, I would have wanted to be a chess player”

    Ennio Morricone (1928-2020), the Italian composer of music for dozens of top films and TV series, died today in Rome at the age of 91. As well as being one of the most influential film soundtrack writers of the last 60 years he wa...

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    Quick chat with... David Kramaley, chess entrepreneur

    He's no Grandmaster, he's not even a Candidate Master and David Kramaley hasn't even written a chess book (yet). But here is a man who, at the age of 32, has still managed to have a profound influence on the game.

  • Interviews Jul 3, 2020 | 11:05 AM 4

    Quick chat with... Jan Gustafsson, joker and Marshall Gambit expert

    He's the man with a thousand catchphrases, who always insists on a quick shout out to "my boy" Julian Hodgson. He can spot a "ripped" Grandmaster just from the look in his eye and, as everyone knows, this second to Magnus Carlsen is...

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    Quick chat with... Pentala Harikrishna, India's immense talent

    India's Pentala Harikrishna (2719 FIDE) was the first active super-grandmaster to author a course on Chessable. Now the 33-year-old, who now lives in Prague, is flying the flag for the chess learning platform in its first elite even...

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    Quick chat with... John Bartholomew, the Scandi king

    IM John Bartholomew (FIDE 2477) is the friendly face of chess on YouTube, a Scandi evangelist, and the man who has introduced countless people to the game.


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