Checkmate! The Queen’s Gambit & Anya Taylor-Joy win Golden Globes
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Checkmate! The Queen’s Gambit & Anya Taylor-Joy win Golden Globes

The Queen’s Gambit Netflix series has won the Golden Globe for the Best TV Limited Series while Anya Taylor-Joy, who starred as chess prodigy Beth Harmon, took home her first Golden Globe as Best Actress. Anya, who faced stiff competition from Cate Blanchett (Miss America) and Nicole Kidman (The Undoing), commented afterwards, “We played very sassy chess and I didn’t realise I needed sassy chess in my life, but I do!”

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    Know your enemy: Blunders and the brain

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    Nigel Short and Susan Polgar at war

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    The Daily Show on US efforts to recruit Caruana

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    Did Korchnoi inspire the move of the year?

    Denis Khismatullin’s stunning 44.Kg1!! was the move of the European Championship and the year 2015 so far, but was it inspired by a great predecessor? The move bore more than a passing resemblance to one which helped Viktor Korch...

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    Learning from our mistakes

    In a recent birthday article we invited users to submit their games for analysis. The first to be selected was considered so interesting by Spanish IM David Martínez that he split the analysis into two separate articles. In this ...

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    Yet another draw…

    The European Championship has long had a bad reputation for draws, with most of the players treating getting into the coveted 23 World Cup qualifying places as the overriding goal. This year, in the absence of Sofia Rules, the pl...

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    Korchnoi vs. Uhlmann, two legends in Zürich

    On the sidelines of the Zürich Chess Challenge, we also witnessed a duel of four games between the chess legends Viktor Korchnoi and Wolfgang Uhlmann. The event gave International Master Pablo Almagro an excuse to pay tribute to the...


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