Anish Giri: 'People are taking the World Champion title too seriously'
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Anish Giri: 'People are taking the World Champion title too seriously'

Dutch no. 1 Anish Giri was in fine form when he played Banter Blitz yesterday, both with his blitz chess – he won all 16 games against chess24 users – and with his banter, where topics ranged from humour in chess to the likely future World Chess Champion and whether the title still matters. It’s “a golden era of Banter Blitz”, as Anish said, and today, to mark chess24’s 7th Birthday, we’ve got Hand and Brain shows with Radjabov & Giri and Nepomniachtchi & Dubov, as well as a special show with chess24’s own Jan Gustafsson and Laurent Fressinet.

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    7 memorable moments from recent tournaments

    It’s hard to keep track of all the chess tournaments taking place this summer. In the last week alone we’ve had the Politiken Cup, the HZ Chess Tournament, the Asian Continental Championships, the British Championship and the eve...

  • Features Aug 4, 2015 | 10:50 AM 4

    Svidler commentates as Jan wins GM Banter Brawl

    Jan Gustafsson beat Paco Vallejo on the way to winning our first big all-star tournament with 7.5/8. Peter Svidler never recovered from a first round forfeit and commented, “I lost one game to general ineptitude and one to Paco V...

  • Features Jul 22, 2015 | 7:34 PM 29

    Anish Giri and Sopiko Guramishvili tie the knot!

    On Saturday July 18th, Mtskheta, Georgia was the setting for a fairytale wedding between the world no. 6, Anish Giri, and our chess24 star Sopiko "Miss Tactics" Guramishvili - we didn't check her exact position on the world rankings...

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    5 incredible missed mates

    Unfortunately for young Indian star Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, Round 6 of the 2015 Lake Sevan tournament will go down in chess history for an incredible blunder. The 20-year-old reigning champion was close to winning and had 17 minu...

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    Are you the new face of the chess24 apps?

    The online computer opponents Casper, Kevin, Claudia, Magnus, DonHugo and Victoria were recently made accessible in the chess24 apps. Games against online opponents can be rated - in contrast to games against our offline computer op...

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    Who wants to be a millionaire? The new superopens

    The chess landscape has shifted in the last year, with Millionaire Chess, the Qatar Masters Open and the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters demonstrating that open tournaments can be every bit as compelling as elite closed tournaments. ...

  • Features Jun 7, 2015 | 4:16 PM 8

    The psychology of time trouble

    Time trouble is one of the most common problems tournament chess players face, with all of us at one time or another falling into the trap of using it as an excuse for games we lose. Carlos Martínez, a Spanish psychologist specia...

  • Features Jun 5, 2015 | 6:32 PM 21

    Tkachiev: Why do men dominate chess?

    In his latest article Vlad Tkachiev takes on one of the trickiest topics around (as Nigel Short knows to his cost!): how do you explain the overwhelming male dominance of professional chess? The Russian grandmaster's approach was fi...

  • Features May 21, 2015 | 4:27 PM 33

    Jan's Opening Clinic 5

    This Friday Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson will be back with the show that aims to tackle all your chess opening problems, from the most general doubts about how to approach the early stages of a chess encounter to that particular move...

  • Features May 18, 2015 | 12:57 PM 6

    Top 5 YouTube chess videos

    Chess superstar Peter Svidler gives a running commentary as he plays blitz for an hour and a half, the Top 10 blunders in World Championship history and the minute that could have changed chess history during the second Carlsen-A...


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