Anish Giri: 'People are taking the World Champion title too seriously'
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Anish Giri: 'People are taking the World Champion title too seriously'

Dutch no. 1 Anish Giri was in fine form when he played Banter Blitz yesterday, both with his blitz chess – he won all 16 games against chess24 users – and with his banter, where topics ranged from humour in chess to the likely future World Chess Champion and whether the title still matters. It’s “a golden era of Banter Blitz”, as Anish said, and today, to mark chess24’s 7th Birthday, we’ve got Hand and Brain shows with Radjabov & Giri and Nepomniachtchi & Dubov, as well as a special show with chess24’s own Jan Gustafsson and Laurent Fressinet.

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    Paul Keres III: AVRO 1938 - Rightful challenger

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    Baku Olympiad 2016 - an insider's guide

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    Paul Keres II: A new chess superstar (1936-7)

    In Part II of our series marking the centenary of the birth of Paul Keres, Joosep Grents looks at how the 20-year-old Estonian dazzled the 1930s chess world with a series of spectacular games. In Part I we saw how Keres established ...

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    Paul Keres: Prince without a Crown

    In 2016 the chess world lost Viktor Korchnoi, many people’s choice as the strongest player never to become World Champion. Another contender for that title is Paul Keres (1916-1975), the great Estonian grandmaster, who would have ...

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    7 chess stories in the media

    It’s been a quiet week for hard chess news, but the media has been full of stories with a chess angle. The first trailer was released for Disney’s Queen of Katwe, Captain America: Civil War failed the chessboard setup test, Rex S...

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    "Magnus" the movie!

    From child prodigy to World Champion, a new documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 14th tells the story of Magnus Carlsen's ascent to the top of the chess world. chess24's Content Director, Macauley...

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    Learned helplessness in chess

    All chess players know the feeling – one or two bad or unexpected losses suddenly turn into a losing streak where nothing seems to go right. What’s going on, and what can we do to get out of that situation? Two Spanish psychologi...

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    Andrés Wadalupe, chess artist

    For several months now chess24 has been able to count on the collaboration of Andrés "Wadalupe", who produces cartoons brimming with humour and chess knowledge, often based on topical events. Today we want to let you know a little m...

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    Giri’s 60 Memorable Draws (exclusive excerpt!)

    Anish Giri, the world no. 4 and at 21 the youngest player in the 2016 Candidates Tournament, has become the butt of jokes for his incredible streak of 14 draws in 14 games in Moscow. As so often in his fledging career, though, An...


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