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Sopiko's "active play" in Tehran

What does a chess professional do in between big events? One answer is to hit the lecture circuit. Our chess24 contributor Sopiko Guramishvili recently visited the SV Schaesberg chess club in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands, to present her games on the theme of "active play". Sopiko also awarded three free months of chess24 Premium membership to members of the audience! Among the four games she presented where two from the recently completed Women's World Championship. She shares one highlight below.

Lucky winners of a free month of chess24 Premium! | photo: SV Schaesberg

Prize winners (from left to right) Arjan Klein, Roger Hünen and Kevin Deider (the youngest participant), will each be given a free month to try Premium. If you'd like to arrange something similar for your chess club or school event, contact us for details.

Sopiko has of course recorded over a dozen instructive video series for chess24, which are available to all Premium members or can be purchased a la carte.

You'll find these and several more in our Video Series gallery

Among the examples presented by Sopiko in her presentation last Sunday was her first round win over Iranian star Sarasadat Khademalsharieh:

[Notes by Sopiko Guramishvili]
The critical moment! Black needs to figure out what is the difference between Ne7/ Nh4, as Rf5 looks bad after Bg4.

19... ♘e7 looks more appealing to the eye as it attacks the d5 pawn at the same time. This however allows the very strong reply g4!

19... ♘h4! With the idea to take the pawn on f5, because now g4 doesn't work for White. 20. ♗g1 (20. g4? ♕b7 21. ♗f3 ♘xf3 22. ♖xf3 ♕xd5 ) 20... ♘xf5 21. ♗g4 g6 22. ♗xf5 gxf5 (22... ♖xf5 23. ♘e3 ♖f8 24. f5 ) 23. a4+/=

20. g4! ♘xd5 21. ♗f3 ♕f7

21... ♘xe3 22. ♘xe3 ♘f6 23. g5±

22. ♘f2 ♘ef6

22... h5 23. h3

23. ♘h3

23. ♗d2 ♗c7 (23... ♗xd2 24. ♕xd2 ♖fe8 25. g5 ) 24. g5 ♘d7 25. f6 gxf6 26. ♘g4+− ♔h8 27. ♘h6 ♕g7 (27... ♕e6 28. ♖e1+− ) 28. ♗xd5

23... ♘c7 24. ♗g1 Prophylaxis! The bishop is much better on g1 rather than on e3, because it avoids potential attacks like Re8, Qe8, or Nd5.

After Bg1, White's play is very easy, with Qc2, Rd1 coming. You can replay the full game to see how it turned out!


Sopiko at the demo board! | photo: SV Schaesberg

The SV Schaesberg chess club in Landgraaf, Netherlands, hosts training sessions for its members a few times a year. This year an extra session is scheduled for May, on the occasion of the club's 80th anniversary, when WGM Anne Haast will be the guest of honor.

Before leaving Sopiko couldn't avoid posing with a newly created 1.2 meter high rook, only slightly smaller then Sopiko herself!

Sopiko "towers" over the tower | photo: SV Schaesberg

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