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What's new in Spring

The trees are already budding around chess24 HQ in Hamburg, but through the cold and dark months our developers were hard at work unleashing a slew of new features for our growing community (now over 100,000 strong)! As we set our clocks forward one hour, here are a few of the highlights:

Tick tock

Speaking of clocks, first things first: some of you have reported issues with the clocks in our Playzone, and for playing blitz chess this is not something that you can easily ignore. We heard you and rolled out tweaks that improve syncing of the clocks and ensure fair play. We want chess24 to be the best place to play online, and give a high priority to acting on member feedback. You can always contact us to let us know how we're doing.

Analyse this!

Speaking of priority, we’ve finally added one of the most hotly requested features: post-game analysis mode. Try it by simply clicking the “Analysis” button after a game has ended and see how you and your opponent could have played better. You'll also find the button for any game on your profile Pinboard:

Also available for games on your Profile Pinboard

Going Swiss

There's a Tournaments link on the Play menu

New tournaments and more of them! With your help, we tested, broke, and then fixed the new open Swiss format tournaments, which are now running smoothly. Congrats to raffle winners AGAruNkumar and azin1989 who each won a month of Premium for their participation in our Euro Lunch Blitz test events.

Game Stream

Too exhausted from that tournament or marathon bullet session? We’ve got you covered: lean back and watch some chess instead! We’ve introduced a cool new feature that we call “Game Stream”. And that’s exactly what it is: either watch the top game in the Playzone or choose to watch any chess24 member’s individual Game Stream to follow them as they play. You’ll find the individual Game Stream button on any profile to the right of the "Challenge me" button.

The "Watch top game" button is under "Watch live games" in the Play Lobby. You can select the Top Game Stream for bullet, blitz, or classical. After one game ends you’ll automatically be taken to the next, creating a near endless stream of action.

Watch top game

Premium board themes

Everyone can choose to customize his or her chess experience in the Profile Game Settings, but now Premium members have a few extra themes to choose from:

Go Premium to unlock these brand new board designs!

You can select a board and piece style as a linked set, or opt to mix and match from different themes.

Watch Live

With our Live Tournaments we revolutionized the way people watch live chess broadcasts, and now to make the events more accessible we've added a table of scheduled live events to the Watch menu and a new “Watch Live” sidebar on the right-hand side of the site. So you’ll always know what’s on, and what’s coming up soon.

Recent live shows, also available any time on-demand

Plus, the new “Shows” page hosts a growing on-demand video library for commentary, game analysis, banter blitz, opening clinic, Q&A sessions, and more. Right now all the videos are available to everyone, but we already have some high quality shows planned for Premium members. You can watch and chat live, to interact with the hosts and guests, or replay the action at your convenience.

Get social

Did you know you can share any game we broadcast on chess24 on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter? Share a whole tournament, or a specific game. You'll find familiar social network share icons next to the live games and tournaments.

But not only that, you can share your own games and now your achievements too! Proud of that 10 game blitz winning streak? Just look for the multi-purpose share icon, and tell your friends what you've been up to.

Chat privately

We’ve completely revamped our messaging system, which now allows quick and easy real-time communication between individual members. You can click the message icon to get in touch with someone, or find all your conversations in the Messages tab of your profile. There you can delete individual messages, or whole conversations. Someone annoying you? The profile Block button now works throughout chess24, including chat, messaging, and the Playzone.

Pro tip: A green online indicator next to the conversation list shows that the recipient of your message is currently logged in.

Green means online, grey means offline

Video series on the go

And finally, while there are an awful lot of new features on the web, our mobile apps are also more capable than ever. But one major development stands out: You can now watch video series from our vast video library right on your phone or tablet!

All Premium video series, or any individually purchased series are available for mobile streaming from the "Video Library" option in the app's main menu.


And an extra heartfelt thanks to all of our chess24 Premium members. You enable us to keep improving and adding features, and we really appreciate the feedback and support as we work to make chess24 your playground.

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