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Free months of Premium Membership!

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of chess24 members using the site for free, now's a prime chance to take another look at our Premium Membership... and bring a friend.

Now through June 30th, Premium Members who refer a friend earn two free months, and your friend does too! Of course this deal applies to existing Premium Members as well.

Read on to see what you may have missed lately, from our new database features to live shows!

By now we hope these are familiar faces!

Bring a friend

Here's how you can earn two free months:

  1. Go Premium (or be Premium already!) for 1-year
  2. Get your friend, student, or family member to sign up for an annual Premium Membership
  3. Each of you contact support mentioning the chess24 username of the other

Your free months will soon be added to your membership term!

6 Reasons to go Premium you may have missed

You probably know about our expansive Video Series and eBooks, featuring instructional interactive lessons from top players and trainers. Those, and unlimited access to the Tactics Trainer, are two of the most popular reasons to upgrade to Premium. Here, though, are a few of the lesser known benefits:

1. Analysis in the cloud

Pro tip: If you like detail, expand the lines with this switch!

Our live analysis of tournament games we broadcast has always been a popular feature of chess24, but a hidden improvement is the deeper cloud analysis using Stockfish 7. A basic chess engine running in your local browser quickly provides initial analysis of a move, with the deep cloud analysis kicking in as soon as it's ready! Premium members can analyse any move from any game on chess24 using the deep cloud. That's true for not only live tournament games, but also your Playzone games and indeed any game or position you wish, using...

2. Unlimited database & analysis, which you can share or broadcast

You've probably seen our newest major new destination on chess24, the Database & Analysis and Coaching page. If you haven't, stop reading now and take a look... it's OK, we'll wait!

It’s simple but powerful. Set up any position or import a game and then analyse to your heart’s content. You have the same computer analysis tools as in live tournaments, plus annotation features. When you’re finished, you can save your analysis to come back to later.

The database has been significantly improved, and is now incredibly fast, with the ability to search for players and filter the 6 million plus games to find exactly what you need. The results are tied to the position on your board and updated nearly instantaneously with each move.

Instantly find all the games Anish Giri has won against World Champion Magnus Carlsen!

If you want to bring in a friend or student / coach to share your analysis, just hit the broadcast button in the left toolbar:

Invite your friends using their usernames or share a link

Select a few options, such as whether or not your friend can also move the pieces or see the engine evaluation, and you can be off and running in a shared study session or even a group lesson.

Only the side initiating the session needs to be Premium to use this cool feature.

We're continuing to improve this tool, so please send us your feedback on what you like, dislike, and what you want to see next.

We're looking to make this the simplest and best tool of its kind on the web!

Did you know you can even use it to take a closer look at tactics puzzles you encounter in our Tactics Trainer?

3. Participate in Live Shows

We've been growing our stable of Live Shows over the past year, and even though most are free, it pays to be Premium. You get to play with titled players, including the likes of Peter Svidler and Jan Gustafsson in live banter blitz sessions, or train tactics and strategy with IMs Anna Rudolf and Sopiko Guramishvili.

Actual chat from Anna's latest show earlier today!

4. Premium board designs

Find the chess set that feels best to you, as you play, watch and learn on chess24:

Personalize your chess24 experience by choosing from one of our Premium sets

5. Small details that make a difference

Premium Members also have access to small details that make your chess24 experience more comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Chat freely, without having to wait 30 seconds between comments or questions
  • Download all games in PGN format from tournaments
  • Challenge any member directly as you wish, including from custom positions and with custom time controls
  • No chess24 promotional videos on live webcasts and shows

6. Be part of growing chess24

We left this point to the end, although it may well be the most important. The support of our Premium Members is what makes all the news articles, live tournament broadcasts, shows and special events — and everything else about the platform — possible. We've been building a platform for you and with your feedback and participation for over two years now, as we aspire to make chess24 the only site you'll ever need.

For about 25 cents a day you can have fun and help us continue developing new technology and features to push the boundaries of online chess.

Still not convinced? Get more bang for your buck by referring a friend — remember you can both get two free bonus months — but only before July 1st!

Discover Premium Membership

Thank you so much for thinking of us and remember that if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help you through the comments or

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