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chess24 May 3, 2022 | 3:44 PMby chess24 staff

Jan's Opening Clinic Season 27, Episode 1

Jan's Opening Clinic is back, and in the 1st episode of Season 27, Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson, who was instrumental in World Champion Magnus Carlsen offering to play the Marshall in Dubai in 2021, explains why Ian Nepomniachtchi and other challengers have tended to dodge the main lines. He also offers advice on how to meet a move Magnus has also played, 1.b4 (the Orangutan or Polish Opening), and 3.h4 against the Grünfeld. There's still some time to ask a question for Jan to answer in one of the upcoming shows!   

You can find the questions Jan was asked under this article, and here's Part 1 of his answers:

You can jump straight to an answer that interests you by using the clickable timestamps below — you'll also find those timestamps at YouTube, and if you click on the "chapter" (e.g. "Intro") at the bottom of the video there you'll see a clickable "Chapters" pane on the right.

  1. Intro (00:00:00
  2. AradhyaGarg: Why doesn't White go for the Marshall in World Championship matches more often? (00:00:40
  3. AfuroZamurai: What would you recommend against the 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Bxb4 3.Bxe5 Nf6 4.c3 line and the Orangutan (1.b4) in general? (00:09:26
  4. Sushiboy8: What is your opinion on "Chistmas tree" plans? (00:18:52
  5. wiggie: Piece sacrifice line (13.Bxc6/14.Bxc6) in the Reti opening (00:32:15
  6. Borxting: Neo-Archangelsk with 9.Be3 Bg4 & 12.dxe5 — is it an annoying way to depress Black? (00:40:53
  7. Passion: What should you play against 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.h4? (00:50:41
  8. Outro (00:58:31)

There's plenty to look out for, including Jan discussing the very idea of plans when asked about a Christmas tree setup:

Viewers of the old shows might know that I struggle with plans, and Plants vs. Zombies, because to my mind — and this might have to do more with me than with the game of chess, although I’m not sure — it is a concrete game and most positions are different, so plans, plans are tough for me, but we shall try, and it is an interesting formation that gets mentioned here.

Jan was more a fan of Christmas trees than of plans 

Episode 2 of Jan's Opening Clinic 27 will be coming soon and you'll be able to find it at YouTube or on our Shows page

If you're a Premium member (use the voucher code JANISTAN to get 40% off!) there's still time to ask Jan a question for one of his shows this season. Simply add your question to the comments section underneath the original article.  

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