Features Aug 6, 2014 | 12:46 PMby GM Jan Gustafsson

Jan's Olympiad Diary: The round before the storm

Aronian-Carlsen and Kramnik-Topalov by day, the legendary Bermuda Party by night... What more can a chess fan ask for? Jan Gustafsson interrupts his deep slumber to provide us with a few impressions from Tromsø.

Today's Round 5 brings us the most exciting pairings of the tournament so far. For all participants (and commentators) it was therefore necessary to save some energy and get some sleep. So on this occasion I preferred a peaceful 14-hour sleep to venturing out onto the mean streets of Tromsø.

It looks like 221 Baker Street, but it's here!

It's probably a bit safer, but there are still some shady characters lurking in the shadows! Lurking on the next corner was not Jack the Ripper, but still a sorry sight:

Spanish grandmaster Ivan Salgado sits at the board all day while in the evenings he tries to earn a few Krone. For 100 he'll get a beer!

Ivan is a grown man and no doubt knows what he's doing, but a word of advice from me:

Ok, perhaps that was just a snapshot, so let's go a corner further:

Brrr. Lawrence Trent is also working on the side at night, luring unsuspecting visitors into the "ErotikkHuset" on the marketplace!

Luckily the world looks very different again today.

The super-GM quota also rises with daylight. Levon Aronian seems to be in good spirits:

Trent also seems much more harmless by day

The man who's knocked Levon off world no. 2 spot is also out and about.

Fabiano Caruana and Mig Greengard aka Chessninja are old acquaintances from NYC

The two are discussing whether anything's changed in their size difference in the last eleven years.

And we're off again! If Aronian can beat Carlsen he'll knock Caruana off his (no. 2) pedestal, but the World Champion will have other ideas.

As always we'll be covering the action live - why not drop by!

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