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Round 7 Update and Round 8 Preview

Round 7 Premium user AlexNogal win the larger prize on tiebreak ahead of Kafuun! 
Today it wasn't enough to just guess that MVL would win his game.  One also needed to realize that Rb1 would be played 5 times, at 4 points a pop.  And that pieces would get captured on f3 and f6.  
Among the pack of leaders for the day is JenShahade.  It seems that those fantasy genes run in the family, and she came dangerously close to winning.  
In the overall competition, JayPBee kept his lead.  MisterDidi, our leader of the first three rounds, has just exited the top ten but is still very much in contention.

Round 6 Update and Round 7 Preview

worldchampion1234 scored the most points of anyone today with 40 points.  Our top premium member was Kenix with 37 points.  Our winner correctly predicted all of today's results, including Nepo's win vs Ding Liren and Giri's win with black against Alekseenko.

An especially tough question today was how many checks would be played, and I think Greg must have known something was up as 32 checks were played this round, an average of 8 per game, which seems incredibly high (and 20 of these came from Anish Giri's win!).

In our overall contest, JayPBee has overtaken the lead with his choices of Nepo and MVL to win games, and Ding Liren to lose games.   His score is 114.  This compares favorably to chess24 stars Magzybogues (a solid 68 points), Jan (61.25 points), while Zlatan56 and GMPacman are suffering towards the bottom of the pack.

Take your time and make solid picks into round 7 on the rest day.  

Round 5 Update and Round 6 Preview

In a hotly contested race, premium user Heigi finished on top with 29 points.  Key to the round were of course the game results (especially Nepo winning) but also picking the move to happen more frequently: Nf5! His 29 points compare favorably to our pundits: Jan got 18 points. Magnus got 19.  Both were in the top 15% of replies, but not quite at the top! For round 6, we have some new questions, such as "how many checks will be played in this round?" Not an easy one to figure out, as checks sometimes happen in clusters.  Good luck to all!

Round 4 Update and Round 5 Preview

Round 4, with four draws, was a round where points were rare and precious, as no unexpected result stole the show.  The biggest differenciator was picking the correct capture square, our twelth and last question, where "a4" left all others in the dust by at least four points.  Everyone in the top twenty had picked it!  It also helped to guess correctly that one player would get a pawn to the seventh rank and indeed, Wang Hao ultimately even queened a pawn.  It was quite baffling that no pawn reached the seventh rank in MVL vs Grischuk:

It was also fun to follow whether Grischuk would fall under 1 minute. The suspense ended reasonably quickly, as he got there after a mere few moves on his own!

Will tomorrow get back to seeing a flurry of wins?  Will they be with white or black? Fill out your brackets and good luck!

Round 3 Update

Round 3's fantasy contest was won (premium and non-premium) by divbyzero with 35 points, while the top premium user (and second finisher among everyone) was pawnpusher.  

In order to win today, it was absolutely essential to have picked Ding Liren to win vs Fabiano Caruana for 12 points.  As Greg had discussed, almost half the field had picked Fabiano to win!  It was also helpful to guess that 1.d4 would be played - in this round it was played twice, worth 6 points.  Congrats to today's winners!

In the overall contest, Misterdidi continues to stay in the lead.  Greg should tell us how likely it was that someone would lead for each of the first three rounds!  Of note today was Nepo's choice of the French defense, which is worth twelve points.  The French defense isn't played a whole lot in supertournaments these days, thus the juicy reward.  Now that Nepo has played it once, Misterdidi and several others will hope that he will continue playing it as black as the tournament rolls on.

Round 2 Update - Who and what won?

It was another wild day for FantasyChess as some unexpected results propelled some of our members to the top.  The biggest ticket of the day was for those who had MVL beating Ding Liren, and this is what helped our day's winner pawnwonder (31 points, on tiebreak!) and best premium member MC237 get to the top with twelve points for that question alone.  It was also helpful to pick that there would be more than one Ruy Lopez (3 points) this round.

Amazingly, the leader of the overall contest after two rounds is still MisterDidi.  Of course, much remains to be decided with 12 rounds to go.  So far, his picks of player to lose games (Ding Liren) and players to win games (MVL and Wang Hao) have been spot on.  If he also gets the tournament winner right (MVL, for a huge 60 points) he'll be hard to stop!  

In round 3, will Ding Liren rebound and get back in the tournament or will Fabiano have the wind in his sail?  And will players return to 1.e4 or continue to play just about everything else?  

Check out Greg's daily video, published at the start of the round, to find out whether your picks were the ones everyone else made or whether you really went out on a limb.  If you like stats and fantasy sports, Greg might become your new best friend. 

Round 1 Update 

Check out the video recap by Pascal Charbonneau and Greg Shahade:

What an exciting first day of chess, and of FantasyChess. Unexpected results reward risk takers in fantasy, and today we crowned our first winner for Round 1, JamesSteven, who finished with a pretty amazing 61 points.  He got almost every question right.  In second place, and therefore the winner of our prize for all (premium and non-premium), came Yerminator with 59 points.  

Amazingly, JamesSteven correctly guessed the result of every game.  Not a lot of respondents had Wang Hao winning as Black vs Ding Liren (for a whopping 20 points) and Nepomniachtchi also as Black vs Giri (15 points!)

Another key amazing question that JamesSteven got right was whether both queens would be captured in the Giri - Nepo game - and he chose only one. Had Giri chosen to take the queen (transposing into a completely lost pawn ending, of course) the fate of this round would have been different!

How did Magnus and Jan do?  

In the first round contest, magzybogues finished with a medium 9 points in this round, showing how tough this contest is.  He made up for it by being an incredibly insightful commentator with Jan, though!  Speaking of Jan, he garnered a solid 22 points, still far away from our leaders.  Magzy, though, is already a threat in the "overall" contest, where he sits in roughly the 10th best percentile.  You can follow your results and compare with your friends by clicking the link above.

We will post daily updates each round on this page, so stay tuned!

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