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Play FantasyChess and earn prizes during the Candidates!

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UPDATE: Follow Results of the Overall and round by round contests here 

Enter Round 8 Contest here 

Have fun and win prizes daily - with a big tournament prize, so make sure to participate every round to maximize your chances in the overall standings. Our odds level the playing field, so that really anyone can win. Throughout the tournament we will follow how our so-called experts fare. How many of you can beat and make fun of Jan?

Fantasy Contest taken to the next level for the 2020 Candidates

Just like Magnus, at chess24 we take Fantasy seriously. For those who might have missed it - Magnus was ranked 1st out of millions in a huge fantasy football league just a few months ago:

Already familiar with the rules and conditions? Get started here: 

When a contest is closed (e.g. at the start of Round 1 for the round 1 contest) results will be posted on this page and all responses made available publicly.  Scoring will happen nearly in real-time, so users can see how close they are to winning as they go and root for certain outcomes and moves!  

There are three independent contests to enter, and prizes are available for non Premium members, but the best prizes are for our Premium members, so this is a great time to sign up using the discount code CANDIDATES2020 to get 40% off.

  1. Tournament Contest: Fill out your answers before Round 1 as we have to stop entries when the tournament starts. Questions are fun and challenging, so take a few minutes and become eligible for a $500 Amazon Voucher (Premium) and a $100 Amazon Voucher (free members) 
  2. Daily Round Contest: Fill out your responses (round 1 here) before the start of each round, and each day we will announce the winners. Prizes will vary but will include Chessable courses ($100+ value, such as Jan's e4-e5 repertoire and ChessExplained's "Fight like Magnus") and chess24 store vouchers ($100 value) for premium members, and a chess24 mug or t-shirt for free members.  
  3. ‌Overall contest: The top ten entries in each round will be awarded bonus points (10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd etc) and the premium member with the most points will receive a $500 Amazon Voucher while the free member with the most points will get a $100 Amazon Voucher.

Fantasy Contest Rules

  1. You choose one of the options and will receive the number of points listed in parenthesis, or a common number of points as specified by the question.
  2. If there is a game that you are asked to determine the result of, and the two players are listed, whichever player is listed first is White.
  3. If there is a tie for any question, in which more than one answer could be considered correct, then both answers will receive full credit. The exception to this is if a tie or some similar option is listed as one of the answer choices.
  4. If there is a tie at the end of a Daily Contest, whichever player is CLOSEST to the correct tiebreak answer wins. If the tiebreak answer is also tied, then whoever received more points in the first question of the contest wins. If that is tied we move on to the second question and so on. If all questions were answered identically and there is still a tie then the prize value will be split into equally valued cash vouchers.
  5. Only one entry per chess24 member. If there are multiple entries by the same username, only the most recent entry will be valid.

The questions are really fun. Some allow you to root for your favorite player(s). Some allow you to root for somewhat random events, like how many people will castle queenside. Don't waste any time and start filling out your brackets below! We will update this page each round when a new link becomes available.

Here are two questions from the overall contest to whet your appetite:

As you can see - picking Fabiano seems easy, until you consider the enormous reward for Alekseenko winning the tournament as your pick. Meanwhile, it's hard to know whether Bb1, Nh3, Nc8 or Ng7 will be played more often. But it'll be a lot of fun to root for one of these moves (and curse others). Those with a knack for research might be able to find a slight edge, and good luck to all!

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