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Carlsen vs. Firouzja’s Banter Blitz Cup Side-by-Side

16-year-old Alireza Firouzja’s stunning 8.5:7.5 victory over Magnus Carlsen in the Banter Blitz Cup final was one of the chess highlights of recent years, made all the better by the fact that both players commentated live on their moves. Now all 16 games have been released in a side-by-side format that combines both videos, not with the players speaking over each other but one after the other. It’s the perfect way to get both perspectives on the games, and whether you’ve watched the match already or not you’re in for a treat!

After 7 months and 131 matches the Banter Blitz Cup came to an end on April 15th this year as Magnus Carlsen and Alireza Firouzja played 16 games of 3-minute blitz for $23,000 in prize money. Magnus began as the clear favourite, but knew he was in for a match when the “devilishly tricky” Alireza won the first game. What followed was an absolute classic, with just three draws and an incredible number of twists and turns.

Now it gets even better, as you can watch the action from the point of view of both players, without having to synchronise the videos and try to follow them both speaking at the same time. For almost no spoilers check out the playlist directly at YouTube, while here we've given the results and running score so you can find a particular game you're interested in:

Game 1: Carlsen 0-1 Firouzja

Game 2: Firouzja (1) ½-½  Carlsen (0)

Game 3: Carlsen (0.5) 1-0 Firouzja (1.5)

Game 4: Firouzja (1.5) 1-0 Carlsen (1.5)

Game 5: Carlsen (1.5) 1-0 Firouzja (2.5)

Game 6: Firouzja (2.5) ½-½ Carlsen (2.5)

Game 7: Carlsen (3) 0-1 Firouzja (3)     

Game 8: Firouzja (4) 0-1 Carlsen (3)

Game 9: Carlsen (4) 0-1 Firouzja (4)

Game 10: Firouzja (5) ½-½ Carlsen (4)

Game 11: Carlsen (4.5) 1-0 Firouzja (5.5)

Game 12: Firouzja (5.5) 0-1 Carlsen (5.5)

Game 13: Carlsen (6.5) 0-1 Firouzja (5.5)

Game 14: Firouzja (6.5) 1-0 Carlsen (6.5)

Game 15: Carlsen (6.5) 1-0 Firouzja (7.5)  

Game 16: Firouzja (7.5) 1-0 Carlsen (7.5)

Of course you can also watch the players’ individual commentary on the match:

Magnus Carlsen

Alireza Firouzja

And if you want to replay any of the action on an interactive board with computer analysis simply click on a result below.

Let us know if you’ve enjoyed this side-by-side format and would be interested in seeing it for future matches!

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