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General Mar 14, 2021 | 3:48 PMby FM Yosha Iglesias

Battle of the Minds: Grischuk & Haxton score epic win over Svidler & Leonard

It would have been impossible to come up with a more tense scenario! After the three sets were drawn, the Battle of the Minds was decided in a nerve-breaking hyper-turbo SNG, which Sasha Grischuk and Ike Haxton won after having been at risk of losing for a long time! 

The Training

Before the Battle, each team streamed a training session with each player teaching his speciality to his partner. 

Both Peter Svidler and Patrick Leonard displayed great pedagogical skills, as you can see in the following video, where Patrick explains to chess players how poker pros train.

A day later, Sasha Grischuk and Ike Haxton proved to be the favorites when the multimillionaire partypoker star showed he was more than decent at solving puzzles on our Tactics Trainer.

Sasha also made clear why he is considered one of the best poker players among the grandmasters, by asking deep questions that led to a fascinating talk.

You can review the training sessions:

The Battle of the Minds

Just stating the results is enough to show how tense the battle was:

  • In the first set, Svidler & Leonard won at poker, Grischuk & Haxton equalized by winning at chess
  • The story repeated itself in the second set: Svidler & Leonard won at poker, Grischuk & Haxton won at chess
  • After winning at poker in the third set, Grischuk & Haxton only needed a draw to win the Battle but Svidler & Leonard managed to win on demand to force the tie break!

The battle was going to be decided in one single hyper-turbo Heads-Up! 

Sasha and Ike managed to overcome a 1 to 4 deficit in chips to win this first Battle of the Minds!

The following video summarizes the entire battle in ten minutes:

You can also review the whole battle:

Play the Battle of the Minds Freeroll Series

As exciting as watching the world's best players can be, nothing compares with playing yourself! 
That is why we are launching the Battle of the Minds Freeroll Series that started on Sunday, March 7.   

The whole competition is entirely free and while there are no cash prizes, you can still win some nice prizes.

1st stage: the Freerolls

One freeroll each Sunday of March and April at 8 pm CET/CEST.   

All the freerolls are 6-max No-Limit Holdem Tournaments - only the speed changes, alternating between Turbo and Hyper.

In each Freeroll you can win:

  • €50 in chess24 shop vouchers (1st place €25, 2nd place €15, 3rd place €10)
  • Tickets for partypoker tournaments if you eliminate players with a bounty on their heads
  • Leaderboard points to qualify for the 2nd stage

2nd stage: the Knockout

At the end of April, after 8 tournaments, the top 4 on the leaderboard will play a knockout Heads-Up tournament and compete for these prizes:

4th place

  • a €25 partypoker ticket 
  • a €25 chess24 shop voucher

‌3rd place 

  • a €50 partypoker ticket
  • a €50 chess24 shop voucher

2nd place

  • a €100 partypoker ticket
  • a €100 chess24 shop voucher

1st place

  • a €100 partypoker ticket
  • a €100 chess24 shop voucher
  • 1 hour of private poker coaching with a pro
  • 1 hour of private chess coaching with a grandmaster

Play the 2nd Freeroll of the series this Sunday!

Let's answer a few questions you might have:

Is it really free?
There are no fees at all. However, you need a valid account with a deposit. 

Where does the competition take place?

Who can participate?
All adults over 18 years old, who are living in a country where operates. That includes: Russia, UK, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Canada, Holland, LATAM

How to participate?
Go to and register if you don't already have an account.
In the lobby, find the tournament named Battle of the Minds Freeroll Series #2A password is needed: Chessparty

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