Reports Nov 17, 2014 | 8:13 PMby Colin McGourty

Anand’s monumental defence: Game 7 video recap

After 122 moves and over six hours of play Viswanathan Anand produced what Peter Svidler described as “a monumental piece of defence” to draw and keep the World Championship match in Sochi alive. IM Lawrence Trent provides express video analysis of a game that left Magnus Carlsen leading by a point, with Anand able to look forward to the white pieces in three of the five games potentially remaining. 

Lawrence filmed the following video from our Gibraltar studio shortly after the game was finally over:

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Replay the game below (or with computer analysis here):

1. e4 e5 2. ♘f3 ♘c6 3. ♗b5 ♘f6 4. O-O ♘xe4 5. d4 ♘d6 6. ♗xc6 dxc6 7. dxe5 ♘f5 8. ♕xd8+ ♔xd8 9. h3 ♔e8 10. ♘c3 h5 11. ♗f4 ♗e7 12. ♖ad1 ♗e6 13. ♘g5 ♖h6 14. g3 ♗xg5 15. ♗xg5 ♖g6 16. h4 f6 17. exf6 gxf6 18. ♗f4 ♘xh4 19. f3 ♖d8 20. ♔f2 ♖xd1 21. ♘xd1 ♘f5 22. ♖h1 ♗xa2 23. ♖xh5 ♗e6 24. g4 ♘d6 25. ♖h7 ♘f7 26. ♘e3 ♔d8 27. ♘f5 c5 28. ♘g3 ♘e5 29. ♖h8+ ♖g8 30. ♗xe5 fxe5 31. ♖h5 ♗xg4 32. fxg4 ♖xg4 33. ♖xe5 b6 34. ♘e4 ♖h4 35. ♔e2 ♖h6 36. b3 ♔d7 37. ♔d2 ♔c6 38. ♘c3 a6 39. ♖e4 ♖h2+ 40. ♔c1 ♖h1+ 41. ♔b2 ♖h6 42. ♘d1 ♖g6 43. ♘e3 ♖h6 44. ♖e7 ♖h2 45. ♖e6+ ♔b7 46. ♔c3 ♖h4 47. ♔b2 ♖h2 48. ♘d5 ♖d2 49. ♘f6 ♖f2 50. ♔c3 ♖f4 51. ♘e4 ♖h4 52. ♘f2 ♖h2 53. ♖f6 ♖h7 54. ♘d3 ♖h3 55. ♔d2 ♖h2+ 56. ♖f2 ♖h4 57. c4 ♖h3 58. ♔c2 ♖h7 59. ♘b2 ♖h5 60. ♖e2 ♖g5 61. ♘d1 b5 62. ♘c3 c6 63. ♘e4 ♖h5 64. ♘f6 ♖g5 65. ♖e7+ ♔b6 66. ♘d7+ ♔a5 67. ♖e4 ♖g2+ 68. ♔c1 ♖g1+ 69. ♔d2 ♖g2+ 70. ♔e1 bxc4 71. ♖xc4 ♖g3 72. ♘xc5 ♔b5 73. ♖c2 a5 74. ♔f2 ♖h3 75. ♖c1 ♔b4 76. ♔e2 ♖c3 77. ♘d3+ ♔xb3 78. ♖a1 ♔c4 79. ♘f2 ♔b5 80. ♖b1+ ♔c4 81. ♘e4 ♖a3 82. ♘d2+ ♔d5 83. ♖h1 a4 84. ♖h5+ ♔d4 85. ♖h4+ ♔c5 86. ♔d1 ♔b5 87. ♔c2 ♖g3 88. ♘e4 ♖g2+ 89. ♔d3 a3 90. ♘c3+ ♔b6 91. ♖a4 a2 92. ♘xa2 ♖g3+ 93. ♔c2 ♖g2+ 94. ♔b3 ♖g3+ 95. ♘c3 ♖h3 96. ♖b4+ ♔c7 97. ♖g4 ♖h7 98. ♔c4 ♖f7 99. ♖g5 ♔b6 100. ♘a4+ ♔c7 101. ♔c5 ♔d7 102. ♔b6 ♖f1 103. ♘c5+ ♔e7 104. ♔xc6 ♖d1 105. ♖g6 ♔f7 106. ♖h6 ♖g1 107. ♔d5 ♖g5+ 108. ♔d4 ♖g6 109. ♖h1 ♖g2 110. ♘e4 ♖a2 111. ♖f1+ ♔e7 112. ♘c3 ♖h2 113. ♘d5+ ♔d6 114. ♖f6+ ♔d7 115. ♘f4 ♖h1 116. ♖g6 ♖d1+ 117. ♘d3 ♔e7 118. ♖a6 ♔d7 119. ♔e4 ♔e7 120. ♖c6 ♔d7 121. ♖c1 ♖xc1 122. ♘xc1


The official live commentary saw Peter Svidler and Sopiko Guramishvili in top form, with Ian Nepomniachtchi making an occasional appearance. You can replay all 7 hours below, with the press conference at the end of the second video:

If you want a quick "as-it-happened" account of the match why not check out (and follow!) our Twitter account, where we not only tweet regularly but also retweet the best grandmaster comments. A quick summary of the game might look as follows:

That's only a small fraction of the tweets, and while we promise not to do that ever again, you get the point! 

The score in the match is therefore:

Anand, Viswanathan2792½01½½0½3
Carlsen, Magnus2863½10½½1½4

The players have no rest after that fantastic battle, since Game 8 follows tomorrow, with Vishy Anand wielding the white pieces. Don't miss the live broadcast here on chess24!

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