Candidates R9: Giri back in the race
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Candidates R9: Giri back in the race

Anish Giri won what Magnus Carlsen described as a “very, very, very good game” to beat Wang Hao in Round 9 of the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Yekaterinburg and move to within just half a point of leader Ian Nepomniachtchi. Fabiano Caruana had a great chance to catch Nepo but was held to a draw by Kirill Alekseenko, while MVL is also just half a point back after narrowly avoiding a second loss in a row. He escaped with an 88-move drawn that Magnus called the “last nail in the coffin” of Ding Liren’s chances of winning the tournament.

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  • General Apr 15, 2021 | 10:40 AM 12

    Jan, Laurent & Peter preview the Candidates

    If it feels like we’ve been here before, it’s because we have! In March 2020, Magnus Carlsen seconds Jan Gustafsson, Laurent Fressinet and Peter Heine Nielsen released a 2020 Candidates Preview video series featuring in-depth discus...

  • General Apr 13, 2021 | 10:00 AM 25

    Magnus Carlsen to commentate on the Candidates

    World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen will commentate on the event that decides his next challenger when the FIDE Candidates Tournament finally resumes with Round 8 in Yekaterinburg, Russia on Monday April 19th. For Rounds 8-10, Magnu...

  • Reports Apr 11, 2021 | 9:55 PM 6

    Praggnanandhaa powers into Champions Chess Tour

    15-year-old Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa has won the Polgar Challenge with a round to spare to earn $3,000 and a place in the 5th leg of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, where he’s likely to face World Chess Champion Magnus Carl...

  • Reports Apr 10, 2021 | 11:16 PM 2

    Polgar Challenge Day 3: The battle heats up

    Praggnanandhaa leads Nodirbek Abdusattorov by half a point with one day of the Polgar Challenge to go, with the two stars set to meet in the 19th and final round on Sunday. That clash may well decide the fate of the wildcard to the ...

  • Reports Apr 9, 2021 | 9:42 PM 9

    Polgar Challenge Day 2: Pragg snatches sole lead

    Praggnanandhaa continued his march on Day 2 of the Polgar Challenge as he racked up 8 wins in a row to take the sole lead on 8.5/10. The last of the wins was a formality, as Dinara Saduakassova unfortunately had to drop out due to i...

  • Reports Apr 9, 2021 | 7:05 AM 3

    Polgar Challenge Day 1: Praggnanandhaa storms back to lead

    15-year-old Praggnanandhaa stormed back from a 1st round loss to Volodar Murzin to win his next four games and lead after Day 1 of the Polgar Challenge, the 1st event on the $100,000 Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour. He’s joined o...

  • General Apr 5, 2021 | 9:00 AM 30

    Kramnik & Polgar reveal Challengers Chess Tour line-ups

    14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik and all-time women’s no. 1 Judit Polgar captain 20 young stars as the $100,000 Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour starts this Thursday with the Polgar Challenge. The likes of Praggnanandhaa...

  • Features Apr 3, 2021 | 9:54 PM 3

    Checkmates in Disreputable Openings

    In top level chess, dubious openings will generally lead only to your own pain and suffering, but at less exalted levels they can be a great way to catch out unwary opponents. In this week’s crop of checkmates, Sean Marsh takes a...

  • Reports Apr 1, 2021 | 6:17 PM 5

    16-year-old Keymer stars as Deizisau win Euro Club Cup

    Vincent Keymer posted a 2812 performance as German club Deizisau won the 1st ever European Online Chess Club Cup ahead of Clichy from France and Mednyi Vsadnik from Russia. Keymer’s colleague Georg Meier posted an even better 289...

  • Interviews Apr 1, 2021 | 9:30 AM 25

    Vladimir Kramnik calls flagging ‘a loser’s mentality’

    14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik has hit out at players trying to win games on time by “flagging” their opponents, calling it “a loser’s mentality”. “Try to win a game because you are better than your opponent - that is...


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