A German word meaning "compulsion to move". When a player is in zugzwang, any move will lead to a disadvantage or worse. Here is a simple example of zugzwang with Black to play:

Black's only legal move is advancing b3 but that allows axb3#. Black would very much prefer to "pass" but unfortunately that's not how chess works!

The concept is mostly relevant in the endgame. Here is a practical example, a possible line in the game Steinle-Webb, Senden 2014, which even involves mutual zugzwang! Whoever's turn it is, loses:

With White to play, Black would win! Notice 1.Nd3?? allows Bg6# and so White has no moves after 1.d6 cxd6.

Sometimes zugzwang can have surprising results, as this position shows:

White wins with 1.Ra6! as bxa6 2.b7# or 1...Be5 (among other squares) 2.Rxa7#

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    i zugzwang a LOT. i think a bit too much

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