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During the Olympiad each team (6 people) will be provided with two double rooms and two single rooms, including full board, free of charge. Delegates are accommodated free for the whole period of the FIDE congress (August 4 - 14). The on-line registration of teams and delegates will also be used as an application for accommodation. Allocation of the teams and delegates to hotels will be decided in consultation with FIDE. The teams will be informed of their hotels when known.

Teams can apply to upgrade their rooms. Due to limited hotel capacity we cannot guarantee that we can meet all wishes, but we promise to do our best.

If a team wishes to upgrade it will be charged a supplement per day as follows:

Double room upgrade to two single rooms: NOK 900/€108* per day
Single room upgrade to a double room: NOK 500/€60* per day

Accompanying people (depending on capacity):

Single room: NOK 900/€108* per room per day
Double room: NOK 1000/€121* per room per day
Meals are not included.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are NOK 650 extra. 

Invoices, in NOK, will be issued to federations for all supplementary accommodation.

* according to the 28/2/2014 exchange rate, 1 euro = NOK 8.2750

Travel Fund for the Tromsø 2014 Chess Olympiad 

The aim of the travel fund is to help those federations who are in need of financial support in order to send teams to Tromsø.

1. Entitlement

The Travel Fund is essentially aimed at developing countries, meaning countries in categories 3-5 according to the FIDE Development Commission (DC). Federations which are not on the list but have special needs can also apply. The final decision will be taken by the Tromsø 2014 Organising Committee.

The Travel Fund is provided for players. Federation captains, heads of delegations, arbiters, experts, volunteers and trainers are not entitled to receive a travel subsidy.

2. Level of support 

Travel support will be calculated based on the following criteria:

  1. Estimated distance to and from each federation’s home country to the city of Tromsø
  2. Estimated average flight cost per mile by air

3. Preconditions

Each federation must apply using the standard application form at the bottom of this page. Note that:

  1. Only players are qualified to receive a subsidy and a federation can have a maximum of 5 for each team
  2. The players must be registered in the FIDE system
  3. The deadline for applications is the 15th June. Applications received after that deadline will not be approved. The applications must be sent to:

4. Terms

  1. The subsidy will be paid on arrival in Tromsø on the basis of receipts and the signature of a federation representative
  2. The subsidy will be paid to the entitled federation by bank transfer
  3. The cost of the bank transfer is deducted from the subsidy
  4. The Olympiad organisation fee of USD 137 (correct on 26/2/2104) per player will be deducted from the subsidy
  5. If payment via bank transfer is impossible the subsidy can be paid in cash on arrival in Tromsø on the basis of receipts and the signature of a federation representative
  6. Each federation is entitled to a minimum of USD 400 per player as a travel subsidy

5. Federations entitled to support

Below you can find the Travel Fund application form and also information on the federations entitled to a subsidy and the average amount allocated to each player:

Best regards, the Tromsø 2014 Organising Committee

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