Lars Monsen

  • Born:
    21 April 1963, Oslo, Norway
  • FIDE ID:
  • Federation:

Norway’s wilderness hero Lars Monsen is known for his extreme expeditions and as a host on national TV. A role model for young and old alike, Lars has also participated in national chess tournaments and is regarded as a very competent chess player.

“I’m looking forward to the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø. During the course of a year I get many requests, but I answered yes to this one straightaway. Chess Olympiads are extremely big events and it’s amazing that Norway has the world number one in Magnus Carlsen. This is truly a major happening.”

“I love long games where I’m patient and wear out my opponent and win as a result. My tactic is often that I’m defensive at the start and let my opponent make mistakes – then I switch over to a more aggressive style of play.”

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