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“Chess has become cooler”

The Chess Olympiad has sparked “chess fever” in Tromsø – and several of those we spoke with think that the game of chess has become trendier as a result of the Chess Olympiad!

We asked a group of local Tromsø residents the following three questions:

  1. What’s your perception of the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø?
  2. Are you following the tournament?
  3. Has the Olympiad contributed to you becoming more interested in chess?

Lisbet Myrvold (28), milieu therapist

Lisbet Myrvold | photo: Ylva Scwenke

  1. I think the Chess Olympiad is awesome! You notice that there are many visitors in the city and it’s cool with the Olympiad art that is spread around.
  2. Yes, I've actually seen several broadcasts on NRK – and it’s surprisingly exciting! I have become more interested in chess as a result of the Olympiad in Tromsø.
  3. I’m no chess player, but I certainly believe that chess has become cooler because of the Olympiad.

Yngve Myrmo (48), IT consultant and Gerd Vassbotn (55), dental assistant

Yngve Myrmo and Gerd Vassbotn | photo: Ylva Schwenke

  1. We have just returned home from holiday and are not really up to date. But you see that the city has been decorated for the event – and that’s awesome!
  2. We haven’t got round to that yet.
  3. We find chess too difficult to understand, but the Olympiad will probably make more people keener to try.

Marja Bål Nango (25), producer

Marja Bål Nango | photo: Ylva Schwenke

  1. I notice that there are more people in the city than usual, particularly chess players. You also notice the chess banners and art. I think it’s fantastic really.
  2. No, I’m not following that closely, but I hear how it’s going on the news particularly with respect to the Norwegian teams.
  3. I’m not going to start playing, but many people think that chess is cooler because of this – and I think that’s good.

Yngve Ravn Benum (19), upper secondary school pupil

Yngve Ravn Benum | photo: Ylva Schwenke

  1. I’m not particularly interested in chess, so I have mostly noticed that the Chess Olympiad is in the city because of the banners. Maybe I would have been more interested in the event if chess had a higher media profile.
  2. No, I haven’t followed the tournament that closely.
  3. Personally, I haven’t become more interested in chess, but I’m sure that’s the case for some people.

Christine Leiksett (30), adviser at Stamina

Christine Leiksett | photo: Ylva Schwenke

  1. I certainly notice that something is happening. One of my friends is a volunteer so she updates me about what’s going on. And I think the FIDE presidential election is interesting!
  2. I’m not following the tournament live but I read some results in the newspaper. I catch up with how Magnus Carlsen is getting on.
  3. I haven’t been more interested in playing, but my daughter is very keen on the chess pieces that are located around the city. Maybe she is a future chess player?

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