Chapter 1: Carlsen Masterpieces


Play Rapid & Blitz Like Magnus Ivan Salgado Lopez

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Spanish GM and acclaimed chess24 author Ivan Salgado Lopez takes a look at the special skills of World Champion Magnus Carlsen in rapid and blitz, and examines the aspects of his play in these disciplines that can help the viewers of this series to improve their play and results as well.


To improve the users' performance in rapid and blitz by taking (indirect) lessons from the play of the World Champion in these time-controls.

Additional information about the video

In this first chapter we examine some rapid and blitz games played by Magnus, that can be truly classed as masterpieces!


  • Chapter 1: Carlsen Masterpieces

    00:43 min
  • Carlsen-Korobov

    06:50 min
  • Carlsen-Giri

    05:45 min
  • Carlsen-Duda

    08:46 min
  • Carlsen-B.Socko

    06:29 min
  • Carlsen-Jakovenko

    07:05 min
  • Carlsen-Le Quang Liem

    08:20 min
  • Bosiocic-Carlsen

    05:48 min
  • Wang Hao-Carlsen

    05:53 min
  • Chapter Two: How to Play Against Magnus

    00:28 min
  • Duda-Carlsen

    06:27 min
  • Nakamura-Carlsen

    07:10 min
  • Andreikin-Carlsen

    07:14 min
  • Rakhmanov-Carlsen

    07:59 min
  • Carlsen-Abdusattorov

    06:17 min
  • Carlsen-Dominguez

    06:06 min
  • Carlsen-Wang Hao

    07:47 min
  • Chapter Three: Lucky Carlsen

    00:40 min
  • Carlsen-Svidler

    08:12 min
  • Zhigalko-Carlsen

    09:53 min
  • Firouzja-Carlsen

    10:48 min
  • Wojtaszek-Carlsen

    10:07 min
  • Carlsen-Abdusattorov

    04:52 min
  • Chapter Four: Scandibads

    00:47 min
  • Predke-Carlsen

    04:32 min
  • The 3...Qd6 Scandinavian with Black

    04:43 min
  • Beating the 3...Qd6 Scandinavian

    04:42 min
  • Chapter Five: the Carlsbad

    02:27 min
  • Carlsen-Kramnik

    10:09 min
  • Carlsen-Shimanov

    10:10 min
  • Carlsen-Mamedyarov

    06:29 min
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