Learn to play chess with a World Champion Viswanathan Anand

22 02:19:50 h

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Let Vishy Anand guide you as you start your journey on the 64 squares


To give all you need to know to start playing chess - a knowledge of the rules, how to checkmate your opponent and some fundamental ideas that will give you a head start in your games

Additional information about the video

Vishy introduces his beginner series


  • Introduction

    01:10 min
  • Introducing the Board

    10:23 min
  • The rook

    06:38 min
  • The bishop

    06:36 min
  • The queen

    05:41 min
  • The knight

    06:55 min
  • The pawn

    07:20 min
  • Pawn promotion

    04:16 min
  • En passant

    03:03 min
  • The king

    06:44 min
  • What is "check"?

    01:21 min
  • Checkmate!

    04:25 min
  • Summary

    10:24 min
  • Draw

    06:43 min
  • Notation

    05:20 min
  • Mates in the opening

    05:35 min
  • Mate with the queen

    13:45 min
  • Basic tactics

    05:48 min
  • Basic pawn endings

    14:07 min
  • The value of the pieces

    06:08 min
  • More exercises

    06:33 min
  • Wrap-up

    00:55 min
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