Introduction to Gambit Buffet


Gambit Buffet Simon Williams

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This series is all about gambits - chess openings where you give up a pawn early on, usually for an attack. It's ideal for beginners, as Grandmaster Simon Williams combines an introduction to gambits after the first move 1.e4 with some famous games from chess history! If you want to explore further you can dive into a nearly 30-hour course on Chessable hosted by Simon and IM Richard Palliser called “Grandmaster Gambits: 1.e4".


To learn all about playing and responding to gambits!

Additional information about the video

Simon tells us what to expect from this series.


  • Introduction to Gambit Buffet

    02:23 min
  • Game 1: Morphy vs Schrufer

    12:36 min
  • Game 2: Kazic vs Vukovic

    12:53 min
  • Game 3: Muller vs Bayer

    12:43 min
  • Game 4: V.Sokolov vs Rusnikov

    14:07 min
  • Game 5: Williams vs Kamsky

    09:20 min
  • Game 6: Koltanowski vs NN

    13:44 min
  • Game 7: Movileanu vs Pratyusha

    07:56 min
  • Game 8: Nezhmetdin vs Baskin

    08:27 min
  • Game 9: Alekhine vs NN

    08:42 min
  • Game 10: E Adams vs C Repetto

    15:49 min
  • Game 11: Ponkratov vs Abdusattorov

    13:06 min
  • Game 12: Marshall vs Stodie

    08:37 min
  • Game 13: Marshall vs Sussman

    12:03 min
  • Game 14 Br. Thorfinnsson vs G.Petursson

    07:28 min
  • Game 15: Forgacs vs Tartakower

    13:44 min
  • Game 16: Orestes vs Yukio

    08:52 min
  • Conclusion to Gambits Buffet

    01:33 min
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