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Destroy the French Sebastian Mihajlov

22 11:55:51 h

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As implied by the title, the series «Destroy the French» is designed to give you a very dangerous repertoire against the French Defence. The Norwegian IM gives highly critical lines against every option from the black side, giving your opponent a run for his money!


Obtaining an aggressive repertoire against the French Defence so that you have excellent winning chances!

Additional information about the video

IM Sebastian Mihajlov gives you a warm welcome to his first ever video series on chess24, "Destroy the French." This will be an epic ride!


  • Intro

    13:55 min
  • Rare 3rd Moves

    40:10 min
  • 3...Nc6

    25:00 min
  • 3...Be7

    29:01 min
  • 3...dxe4 | The Fort Knox Variation with 4...Bd7

    26:34 min
  • 3. dxe4 | Sidelines

    27:22 min
  • Rubinstein | 5...Be7 with 7...Nxf6

    16:17 min
  • Rubinstein | Main line with 5...Ngf6

    34:24 min
  • 4...dxe4 with 5...Be7

    29:17 min
  • McCutcheon | 4...Bb4

    48:36 min
  • Alekhine-Chatard Attack | Sidelines

    47:20 min
  • Alekhine-Chatard Attack | Main line with 6. Bxg5

    50:15 min
  • Winawer | 4th move alternatives

    41:36 min
  • Winawer | 5...Ba5 & cxd4

    39:37 min
  • Winawer | 6...Nc6!? & Qa5!?

    41:36 min
  • Winawer | 6...Qc7 sidelines

    31:01 min
  • Winawer | 6....Ne7 with 7...Qa5 & other moves

    33:54 min
  • Winawer | 7...Nbc6

    27:59 min
  • Winawer | The Giri Variation

    30:08 min
  • Winawer | 9...Nbc6 with the 0-0-0 plan

    17:40 min
  • Winawer | The Nepo Variation 8...b6

    45:04 min
  • Winawer | The Nepo Variation with 13.c4

    19:05 min
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