Open Files

Making use of the open file

Tactical: Enter the 8th rank

28. ♖b8 ♖e8 29. ♕b5! The most clear win, although 29.Rxe8 Qxe8 30.Qa4 wins as well.

29. ♕a8? ♖xa2 30. ♖xe8 ♖xa8 and black defends!

29... ♖c1+ 30. ♔f2 ♖c2+ 31. ♔f1 ♖xb8

31... ♖c1+ 32. ♔e2 ♖c2+ 33. ♔d1 leaves one more rook hanging.

32. ♕xb8 ♔g8 33. ♕b3+ picking up the rook!


Postional: Enter the 8th rank tactical

25. ♗d6 White finds a forced line to transform his central control into an attack on the king!

25... ♖e8 26. ♘e5 ♔g8 27. ♗e7! A nice deflecting move threatening Bxf6 and Rd8.

27... ♕c7 28. ♗xf6 gxf6 29. ♕e4 ♖a7 30. ♘g4 ♔g7 31. ♕e3 ♖h8 32. ♖d8! ♖h7 33. ♕f3 f5 34. ♕c3++−


Positional: Enter the 7th rank

19. ♘f5 ♘xd5 20. ♘xe7+

20. ♖xd5 is a good option too, winning the d6 pawn, but White was aiming for the 7th rank!

20... ♘xe7 21. ♖xe7 ♖d8 22. ♖de1

22. ♖c7 ♔f8 23. ♖e1 ♖e8 may lead to transposition.

22... ♔f8 23. ♖c7 ♖e8 24. ♖xe8+ ♔xe8 25. ♔d2 White has a superior position, a more active rook and king, although for time being is still a pawn down!


Positional: Maintaining an open file

14. ♖c1 b6 15. ♖dc2 ♗b7 16. ♕a4 a6 17. ♖c7! Entering on the 7th rank!

17... b5 18. ♕a5 ♖ab8 19. ♖1c5! A nice picture. Slowly Black's position becomes fully cramped.

19... ♖fd8 20. ♘e5 ♗f6 21. ♘c6 e6 22. g3 ♖dc8 23. ♘xb8 ♖xb8 24. ♗xb5 ♗d8 25. ♗e8 ♕f8 26. ♖xb7 ♗xa5 27. ♖xb8 ♕d6 28. ♖b7 ♗b6 29. ♖c6 ♕b4 30. ♗xf7+


Positional: Control open files with tactical ideas

14. ♗h7+! ♔h8 15. ♗f5 a5 16. e4! dxe4

16... g6 17. ♗xd7 ♕xd7 18. ♗xh6+/=

17. ♗xe4 ♗xe4 18. ♕xe4 ♘f6 19. ♕c4! ♕d7 20. ♖ad1 ♕c6 21. ♖fe1 ♖a6 22. ♗c3 ♗b8 23. ♖e7! ♔g8 24. ♖d8!


Tactical: Rooklift with kings attack

12... ♕xf3! 13. cxb4

13. gxf3? ♗h3+ 14. ♔g1 ♖e1+ 15. ♗f1 ♖xf1#

13... ♘c6 14. ♗b2 ♘xb4! 15. ♗xh7+ ♔h8 16. gxf3 ♗h3+ 17. ♔g1 ♘xc2 18. ♗xc2 ♖e2 Entering the 7th.

19. ♖c1 ♖ae8

19... ♖xc2 20. ♖xc2 ♖e8 21. ♖c1 ♖e6 with mate next.

20. ♗c3 ♖8e3

20... ♖xc2! 21. ♖xc2 ♖e6 22. d5 ♖g6#

21. ♗b4

21. fxe3 ♖g2+ 22. ♔f1 ♖xc2+ 23. ♔e1 ♖xc1+

21. ♗e4 ♖xc3 22. ♖xc3? ♖e1#

21... ♖xf3 22. ♗d1 ♖f6!



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