MR.ROBOT - S02E07 Chess Game Found!

MR.ROBOT - S02E07 Chess Game Found!

At last chess makes sense in MR.ROBOT Season 2 episode 7!

Chess took a big part in Season 02 of MR.ROBOT show. Unfortunately, the chess games played in the earlier episodes of the season were nothing more than an infuriating load of rubbish. Particularly, the game played in season 02 episode 04 between Elliot and himself - his schizophrenic alter ego, mental reincarnation of his father MR.ROBOT - was utter nonsense with the Queen giving herself up for a protected pawn and not being taken for no reason, bishops landing in squares protected by pawns and not being taken and stalemates being declared with tonnes of pieces on the board?! 

Obviously, the show creators had not put any thought into the substance of the game, crossed their fingers and hoped that their target audience would not have a clue about chess and would take this ridiculousness for an intellectual show. I don't know how much shaming they received for this and from whom, but they have come to their senses and decided to fix the chess part of the show! 

The game in Episode 7  between Elliot playing black and Ray playing white opened as a Spanish Game and I immediately suspected that the creators might have taken a game from the history of chess, because it was at last making sense!

I took a screen shot of the final position of the game and I was intrigued by it. I set it up on Chess24 analysis board.


In the movie Elliot leaves the room after making his move Queen D3 to F3. Ray stares at the board in solitude and topples over the King in resignation. The Black Queen is up for grabs but there is no joy for the White King in that or anything else for that matter!

I was happy to realize that the chess in MR.ROBOT was not just for the show anymore. I was even happier to find out that game analysis feature was able to find a game with the matching position in its chess history database! 

It is a game between Roesch and Willi Schlage played in 1910 in Hamburg.

You can play through all the moves of the game here

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