Will other titled players get premium permanent membership ?

Will other titled players get premium permanent membership ?

Hello Community , 

Does other titled players except man GM's and Woman GM'S - IM'S get's title ? the answer of this simple question has been given by the chess24 team / website . Here's the exactly answer ! 

''GMs, WGMs and female IMs receive free Premium Membership on the condition that you show your real name in your profile. If you have a title please send proof of identity (e.g. a scan of your FIDE certificate) to support@chess24.com. We'll do the rest!''

what's my opinion as an FIDE Master ? 

my opinion is that lower titled players should get a free premium permanent membership because they are prodigy's of holding an higher title than the title that they already have . And also , why someone that has reached the highest title in chess should get a free premium permanent membership i mean they have things to learn but not as much as the lower titled players ! 

some of you may think of me as an idiot , because you might right now think like '' oh this guy is a FIDE Master and it hash't free premium permanent membership and he's crying on this article trying to get a premium membership." the answer is Yes , i'am crying to get a free premium membership because every god damn titled player has spent a lot of time of his life and has tortured his mind so many times in a progress of getting his title . So what , is my opinion wrong about players to have a premium membership ? and when i say players i mean (titled players) . 

Thanks , chess24 community             - FM Mulet Piotr 

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