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I have played a lot of games on chess24 as soon as I had premium membership. It was fun and enjoyed them most but gets frustrated whenever cheating occurs. One cheating ways of chess cheaters on chess24 is the appearance of the pink window just below the time window or black window. It usually happens when the position is clearly on your advantage and then suddenly the pink window appears and it is the move of your opponent. If it appears for only brief moment then disappears, then, it's good; if it appears then the window change color to blue, it is good and you will see that the opponents time starts ticking from 65 sec until zero: if his time reaches zero then he loses, this was the solution chess24 came up with and it was a welcome solution for most of the time but the other day and yesterday the pink window persisted. If the pink window persist then you will surely lose the game even if your opponent is about to be mated.

Here is the scenario.

You made your move, it's your opponent's move, then, that pink window appears which says you disconnected and the time on that pink window starts ticking to zero, meaning your time is ticking to zero. Meanwhile, you also see on the time window/black window that your opponents time is ticking and of course you are waiting for your opponents move and wonder why he is not moving even until it reaches zero on the time window...this should give you the win because he lost on time. But for as long as the pink window is there just below the time window the reverse is true as that depicted on the time lost and you will only know that when you either exit or play another game. Just after you exit or go another game the black window reverses and says your time is zero. I AM WONDERING IF THIS IS A PROGRAM INTENTIONALLY MADE BY CHESS24 OR BY THE OTHER PLAYER!!!!!

Chess24 made a solution to solve this cheating but it came back which is why I am puzzled, Is this intentional or some cheating players are that computer savvy enough to go around and enjoy their cheating ways.

Games are made for entertaining yourself and if some players take joy on cheating....that's maybe what they are made of. HOW COULD YOU?

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