Dark clouds over ECO codes and variation names on each board - Why are they NOT available ?!?!?

Dark clouds over ECO codes and variation names on each board - Why are they NOT available ?!?!?

Hello Dear Chess24 community

Considering how professional all features of Chess24 are, I keep wondering....

How can it be that a website with so many useful great features - free board design, multilingual chess chats, games notation, online database, video lectures covering all aspects of the game and for all levels from beginner to master, tactics trainer, computer analysis that can be turned on and off just to name a few - how can it be that such a highly professional chess site DOES NOT HAVE the simplest and most obvious of all features

ECO codes and variation names next to each game????

This is very unsettling. As most chess players, I want to be able to find out quickly which games were played with the opening variations I play myself at the chess club or in my league. However due to the absence of this simple feature, researching specific openings on Chess24 proves tedious at best.

I am forced to turn the chat off, notation on and scroll through each and every single game to see what was played. Now imagine you're looking in particular for some ideas in the Najdorf, the Paulsen, Richter-Rauzer and Taimanov variations of the Sicilian defense. Or is your radar set on Caro-Kan (hello Lady CK ), maybe you want to give Ponziani a second try or refute the Grob 1.g4 once and for all?

Well, as of now this is NOT possible on Chess24 because ECO codes and variation names are nowhere to be found. Dear chess fans, it is up to us to convince Chess24 that we want and need that feature, so make sure to comment and post your own suggestions on this.

Dear Chess24 team, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this topic and if you would consider implementing such a useful feature. It might convince many hesitating users - I am one of them - to join and go premium....

Looking forward to hearing from you all

Your madli

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