Tata Steel Masters: Pavel Eljanov leads with 2.5/3

The Tata Steel tournament is a traditional festival, with the main attraction being undisputed World Champion Magnus Carlsen who plays almost everytime. This year, the participants can be categorized into groups.

1.The very best!

The players in this category are:

a) Magnus Carlsen 

b) Sergey Karjakin 

c) Wesley So   

d) Anish Giri 

e) Levon Aronian

These are the absoulete best of the world. Their play style is extremely fluent and computer-like. Natural and strong. Majestic and containing huge amount of knowledge. They are like stars in the morning, who are extremely rare, and need a energy to be produced. Not everyone are like these guys. Naturally, one of them is expected to win the tournament. My personal favourite here is Anish Giri. (Nigel Short: "You've got to love Anish Giri- He is like a turbo charged Peter Leko")


The players in this category are:

a) Loek Van Wely

b) Pavel Eljanov

You cannot argue with Loek. While many of the players are not even 25, it is his 25th Tata Steel! A statement to be proud of. He is a fighter, and surely has fun with chess. Pavel Eljanov is one of the few who plays flat chess. Simple. Giving no counterplay to the opponent, he flattens them to crush them into dust. With his extreme awareness and knowledge of chess, one cannot deny the fact that he is very much experienced. My personal favourite here is Pavel.

3.Brilliance producers

The players in this category are:

‌a) Wei Yi

‌b) Richard Rapport

‌You have to agree with me! These two play scintilating chess, the favourite of spectators! These two really know what is fun, and Rapport, well, what to say of him. He is fond of the g pawn push, enough to know he is the strongest mad soul in chess! My personal favourite here is Wei Yi.

‌4. Almost on the top

The players in this category are: 

a) Pentala Harikrishna

‌b) Radoslaw Wojtaszek

‌c) Dmitry Andreikin

‌d) Adhiban Baskaran

e) Ian Nepomniachtchi

‌These guys, as the title says are almost there, in the first category. They are speeding up in the ELO list, and they are sure to make it big someday. They will also try to fight for the top honours. My personal favourite here is Pentala.

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