Magnus Lesson: Explaining Recent Banter Blitz win by Magnus on

Magnus Lesson: Explaining Recent Banter Blitz  win by Magnus on

Some of you caught Magnus Carlsen latest Banter Blitz session.

But some of you may want to replay one of his games and digest the lesson given by the World Chess Champion.

I took a  recent session and an instructive win by Magzybogue against GM Prowizard, so high level opposition.

I did  incorporate quick analysis and focusing on key moments, as per Magnus comments and also any missed chances with SF.

1. d4 ♘f6 2. c4 e6 3. ♘f3 d5 4. ♘c3 a6 5. cxd5 exd5 6. ♗g5 ♗e6 7. e3 ♘bd7 8. ♗d3 ♗d6 9. ♕c2 c6 10. ♗f4 ♕c7 11. ♗xd6 ♕xd6 This is a positional type of game

12. h3 O-O 13. O-O g6 [#] Interestingly Magnus played this with White against Caruana Relevant:

14. a4N

14. ♖fc1 ♕e7 15. ♘a4 ♘e8 16. b4 ♘d6 17. ♘c5 ♘b6 18. ♘xe6 ♕xe6 19. ♘d2 f5 Carlsen,M (2863)-Caruana,F (2835) 2020 ½-½ (63)

14... a5 15. ♖fb1 ♖fb8 16. ♘d2 ♘e8! [#] still applying Caruana's set-up. This is a key move relocating the knigh to d6. From, there Black can play Bf5 exchanging bishops, or jump to c4

17. ♘b3 ♕f8 18. ♘e2 ♘d6 19. ♘f4

19. ♘c5

19... ♗f5 This exchange benefits Black.

20. ♗xf5 ♘xf5 21. ♕c3

21. ♘d3 ♘d6 22. ♘bc5 still equal

21... ♕d8 22. ♘c5 ♘d6 23. b4

23. ♘fd3

23... axb4 24. ♕xb4 ♘xc5 25. ♕xc5 ♖a5 26. ♕b4 ♖ba8! [#] after white played b4, this created a weakness on a4

27. ♘d3 b5 28. ♘c5 ♖8a7 29. ♖a2 ♘c4 30. ♖ba1 ♔g7 31. ♕b3 ♕a8! tripling on column a

32. e4?

32. ♔h2

32... dxe4 33. ♕c3 ♔g8

33... ♕e8 34. d5+? ♕e5

34. ♘xe4 ♖xa4 35. ♖xa4 missing a gold opportunity

35. ♘f6+ ♔f8 (35... ♔h8 36. d5! ; 35... ♔g7 36. d5! ) 36. ♖xa4 ♖xa4 37. ♖e1! wins because of Re8 winning the queen

35... ♖xa4 36. ♖e1

36. ♖xa4 ♕xa4 37. d5 c5 38. ♘f6+ ♔f8 39. ♘xh7+ ♔g8 40. ♘f6+=

36... ♕a5! Magnus has seen Nf6+ and Re8 threat.

37. ♕c1 ♔g7 38. ♖d1 ♕d8 39. d5 cxd5 40. ♘c3 ♖a5 41. ♘xd5?

41. ♖xd5 ♕f6 42. ♖xb5 ♖xb5 43. ♘xb5=

41... ♕d6 Black maintains an extra pawn.

42. ♕c3+ ♕e5! 43. ♕c1

43. ♕xe5+ ♘xe5 44. ♖b1 ♘d3 White did not go for this ending because of the extra b pawn. However White can still fight here.

43... ♖a2 Magnus wastes no time activating his pieces

44. ♘c3 ♖b2 45. ♖e1

45. ♖d5! ♕e8

45... ♕d4! By refusing the Queens exchange, White let Black have more activity and Magnus is targetting f2 with rook and queen.

46. ♘d1

46. ♖f1 h5

46... ♖d2 47. ♕b1

47. ♘e3 ♘b2

47... b4! White has retreated to the first rank and Black's advantage is decisive

48. ♘e3 ♘xe3 49. fxe3 ♕d5 50. e4 ♕g5! 51. ♔h1?

51. ♕a1+ ♔h6 52. ♖e2 ♖xe2−+

51... ♕xg2#


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