Lindores Abbey Armageddon Game: Dubov wins against Nakamura

Lindores Abbey Armageddon Game: Dubov wins against Nakamura

After the 3rd match ended in 2-2 ( each player winning once with Black), time for Armageddon for the Lindores Abbey Rapid tournament decider.

Hikaru Nakamura chose Black and 4 minutes versus Dubov White and 5 minutes, White having to win, as a draw would make Black the winner.

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Lets' jump into the key moments. Dubov played 1.e4 and Nakamura replied 1..e5. There Daniil Dubov played 2.Nc3, going into a Vienna Opening.

First key position, White to play

after 11..ef4 - White to play

Here the normal variation should be 12Nf4 Nf4 12Bf4 0-0 13 Qh5 with a += assessment. white's a bit better but the game goes on.

Instead, Daniil Dubov chose 12.Bd5! after thinking for 30 seconds which brings us here

after 12Bd5! - Black to play

Now Black had to play 12..fg3+ 13 Ng3 Bd5 14 Qh5 Ne7 with White being better. the point of white's play is that Bd5 and Bc5 are hanging while Black hasn't castled yet. 15 Nd5 Qd5 16 Qd5 Nd5 17Rf5! 0-0-0 18c4! wins the bishop in c5. Black has only two pawns for a piece.

But Nakamura doesn't sense the danger and replied 12..Bd5 instantly. He is definitely trying to play fast the opening. Logically the game goes on as this from diagram 

12..Bd5?? 13 Nf4 

after 13Nf4, Black to play

White is attacking the bishop in d5. if you retreat: 13..Be6 14 Ne6 fe6 15Qh5+ Kd7 16 Qc5 wins a piece. The bishop on c5 is loose.

So Hikaru spent 15 seconds and played 13..Ne7 on which Dubov replied 14 Qh5 c6  15Ncxd5 cd5 which brings us to the final position

after 15..cd5, White to play

Can you spot the winning move ? with simple moves, Dubov achieved a winning position in 16 moves.

Dubov played 16Ne6! attacking g7 and Bc5 at the same time, as well as the f7 pawn ( Rf1 and Qh5 combined the attack).

 Black is lost here. they played 16 Ne6!..Qd6 17Ng7+Kd7 and 18 Rf7!

The eval shows + 6 pawns and this is truly lost. Nakamura tried to extend the fight but ended up resigning after Dubov converted.

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