Grand Prix Blackout and respect for premium customers

Some would say I am too much of an economist, but I would hardly take it as an insult. Valued added for customers is what makes someone go premium on a site. Chess is no exception. You are providing a service, nothing more and nothing less. So, customer satisfaction should be a concern for you. 

In spite of all the past troubles between chess24 and AGON, I sincerely fail to see how chess24 premium (paying!) members, should be subject to the absolute absence of news from the World Championship cycle, during the Grand Prix tournaments.

It is not a huge problem, as any of us may consult results and games in a variety of places. Notwithstanding, it makes no sense whatsoever, when the two candidates' spots are still in contention, and 4 players are eligible, to neglect information on stage 4 of the Grand Prix Series.

In spite of all the merit of the personal opinions chess24 writes may have, this is not paying a good service to your customers. On top of your fees, I am currently paying $10 to follow the GPrix. Shouldn't there at least be a daily update on the current tournament, instead of often irrelevante news for the immediate future of chess (e.g. with all due respect for Pragg (he is a tremendous player), whether or not he gets to beat Karjakin's record is hardly relevant).

The fight between MVL and Radjabov is at its peak, with Sasha Grischuck looming (even Shakryar is not qualified yet). With 2 rounds played, there have been some excellent games, with a tie for first place between Aronian, MVL, Giri and Radjabov. I should not have to learn this from other sites. It is Economics 101 that you should provide customers with whatever they seek, within reasonable parameters. Is it too much to ask you for a daily piece of news and analysis on GP tournaments? What will happen with the March 2018 candidates? As much as you find it obnioxious, it's still AGON and FIDE behind it..... 

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