Every Premium Member should have a chance to take part on the Banter Blitz Cup.

At first, the Banter Blitz Cup is a great idea.

But every Premium Member that also wants to stream, should have a chance to take part on it.

Terms of particpation :

1.)  Top 64 Fide rated with a a rating of 2600+

2.) 20 best rated of chess24

3.) 44 will be invited

The goal of chess24 should be to promote as many new Premium Members as possible and to increase the attractiveness for Premium Members.

If I was a  None Premium Member, this Banter Blitz Cup would not be an additional incentive for me to become a Premium Member, as I would have to come in the top 20 of chess24.

My proposal is :

A) Chess24 decides 64 participants : Top 44 Fide rated with a a rating of 2600+ and 20 best of chess24.

B) 64 Premium Members have the chance to qualify.

1. ) Daily 3 minute qualification tournaments to take part on the weekly qualification.

2.)  A weekly streamed show in which the qualifiers play against each other in a x round tournament. For example.  16 weekly shows where the best 4 qualify for the Banter Blitz Cup.

For example a French Qualification Show with Laurent and LeFong, a Spanish with Pepe, an English Show with Jan , Andrey or Kingscrusher and a German Show with Jan, Robert and Steve, Christof or the Lubbes. 

What do you think of my proposal ?

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